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Tara Journey with Healium - Centering in Stillness 9/5/2018

Dear Ones;

Here is a reblog of a Meditation done with you all on Centering in Stillness:

Storytelling and Honoring the Goddess of Universal Lessons - Tara. Her name means "star" and she is from India and a Tibetan Pantheon. Tears formed a lake and a lotus grew from it and inside was Tara. She has eyes on her hands feet and forehead and she sees all. She is also known as the Green Tara or seen as blue in metaphysical pictures or statues. She is to teach you centering in stillness. The lotus itself is a flower that roots itself through filth and obstacles but remains grounded and strongly centered and she sits upon it looking at you with clarity and certainty. She needs no words. 

In this meditation; you breath in peace and ground relaxing all muscles and your mind and do nothing but relax as both your sacred and earthly body are supported, protected, guided and guarded by your pure light helpers. You find yourself sitting in front of a huge lake sitting and observing a sunny day and gentle breeze that caresses you and surrounds you that is comforting. As you sit on the edge of the river you are barefoot and watching the waves go in and out very slowly. You watch and you see the rhythm of life in this wave as your breath matches the rhythm of the wave...breathing in slowly through your nose and out slowly through you mouth. Your sacred body is drawn into the rhythm of the waves and becomes the water and you merge without effort and float and feel so expansive. You notice all around you it is calm and still and you listen to the "stillness." There is the lotus and Tara waiting for you to float to her. She needs no words, no drama, no chaos, no doubt or negatives; focus on the lotus and Tara and breath very gently now allowing yourself to see the illusion of outer drama, and the influences of the environment or other people's opinions of who you are melt and float away.

As you feel this sacred moment; you look up into the sky and see tropical rain clouds above and it gently rains warm drops upon you and the lake. You notice the lake growing larger and expanding. You know that you are a single drop of many. You are valued as a single drop because you add to the lake with other's who are drops and are all powerful and separate you are valid piece of One. You are powerful alone or with others after acknowledging your inner journey to self and centering is most important to visit again and again. You then give thanks to Tara for her lesson and depart to your earthly body to give this experience and feeling to your body and become grounded and one again so you walk you divinity coming back into yourself as One. You sit and feel this in your earthly body and then you awaken to the awareness and welcome yourself back to earth. I love you. Peace and Namaste...Thank you!

In order to understand Tara and my explanation of a Bodhisattva - Enlightened Being that will not go to Heaven until the last soul on Earth is enlightened. She is teaching us to take a few moments of silence to give your mind a break from any thoughts releasing these to the wind, the water and Earth and the Universe. This is the time like the space between notes in music. Without the stillness/break; there would me no meaning to the sounds of each note in the energy to express of the Oneness of a community of notes sets understanding of the mood of vibration of purpose by our response to the song. Like the quiet that comes when night falls and all outside around you know this is the time of quiet reflection, reconnection and recharging your mind and body by your Spiritual intentions of wellness. This is the lesson of the time from the Feminine Divine - Tara.


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