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Teleporting Exploration with Ethics 5/7/2024

Dear Ones of Teleportation Abilities;

Hello  my gifted ones. You have been given a gift of teleportation. Do you go places when you lucid dream, meditate or dream at night? Do you visit places you’ve never been in this lifetime or other dimensions that are not of this Earth? Do you float and think that you are powerless traveling in spaces and places you think you cannot return until the journey is done? Well, my Dear if you journal if in a dream state or meditation for lucid dreaming; I would tell myself God/Goddess my ability to travel realms, dimensions journey be safe and the lesson revealed and taken into my Sacred body as well as my Astral and Earthly bodies be guarded from any harm and guided to return in divine timing to my Earthly body to assimilate the energies as lessons of pure light without harm.

Many stories have been told that I travel and cannot control. It is a lesson but you must meditate or state an intention for yourself and different bodies of this type of travel as safe, guarded and to understand the pure light lesson and with ethics of your gift’s usage.

When you do this by grounding yourself and not being alarmed when you state a divine timing journey to learn and no harm to self and others. You can then get a hold of yourself and do little things like see yourself in one part of the house or property undisturbed asking for grounding and protection to all your earth, sacred and astral bodies to practice. To intentionally go to another room and return is your recitation to do a few times and then feel what it feels like when you do no matter how small the amount of time to learn to practice.

Please practice small then go a little larger in time …baby steps. If we feel strongly about space and time; we will go there easily but say you are safe in all your bodies and return back safely. Journal your spiritual progress and be comforted.

Also, when you develop at will to travel; make sure you are not going through an intense period in your life or are angry and do not use it to gain revenge or harm to others. Their sacred contract is with God and so is yours. Do not create or expand on karma. Do not use like some of our soldiers this ability to assassinate or kill or destroy things. It is of no use to be a tool of destruction and revenge when this is light work ability to gather your mind in calm peaceful resolve to learn and make sure if you practice with another friend they understand your abilities and accept it and state an appropriate date and time for practice and remind each other so you can proceed to practice and learn. Do not practice with revengeful, mean and angry and toxic people. Make sure you use discernment and understand boundaries…even if you have a break up and your heart hurts…make sure you step away and not be a stalker or intruder when they have placed their intention to be left alone and carry on with their life and you with yours.

It is important you understand boundaries, are calm, have a mutual agreement and understanding as you learn, discern who you share and learn with and keep your ego in check. Do not become an energy that others want to avoid because you don’t respect yourself or other’s wishes. This is my take to teleportation. Since my relative did it for bad means without question and question your ego or power check yourself and stop. Proceed it all are good and in divine timing. Much ethical discernment and safe journeys without ego prayers for you.


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