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The Cup - Personal Journey with Archangel (AA) Raphael

In meditation today 11/27/2005, the Pyramid of Power took my Soul to the Heavens. I saw Zeus (Father God expression) and Hera (mother God expression)...let me remind you that the Creator is known from many ages of times and places and can be in any form to anyone else they choose that aligns with their vibrations and yours. Both Zeus and Hera sat on their Royal Thrones on Mt. Olympus.

Many Goddesses and God were seen and the Ascended Master working with me at the time. I saw Jesus and Mother Mary and some I worked with and others unknown for now. I will come to know them and their role as I expand with Spirit.

After much contemplation of my taking a Merkaba Meditation course; Archangel Rafael (one of the four main Archangels we know of) kept telling me there was a cup but I was not ready. Sometime later I was given this cup and wine fell out on me. Guess I was not totally ready was the message when this occurred. Not to worry the time would come when it was time.

In my Power, Light and Truth with Purity that it would happen and Light turned into Love. The Archangel (AA) Raphael had long dark hair and gleamed of red sparkling ruby light. He continued his lesson that asked me to Be in the Power, Love and Purity. Be Unlimited. Negativity was not withstanding any of this.

Being Unlimited in the Allegiance of Good to shine and let it be as my power animals surrounded me transformed into white forms. Jaguar (medicine mystery, shadow work and no fear) was first and then the wolf (loyalty and leadership/teacher) stayed white, tiger (regal strength adaptability) and and the dragon (medicine is guardianship of the treasures and ability to fly) was illuminated in iridescent white that reflected rainbow from its' scales and body.

I could feel that I was more illuminated than looking at my mesa (table of power); The (guardian and sentinel and symbol of magic medicine) raven turned white and so did my owl (mystery and seer beyond the veils medicine), hawk (direct precise cutting truth medicine) and eagle (foresight medicine). Some remained the same shape, color and form but I saw the vulture (reincarnation and death/rebirth medicine) in the form like the hieroglyphics in Egypt and it said to me: "Welcome death and life." I saw both the vulture and raven on each side of me.

AA Raphael handed me the Cup/Chalice and I drank fully of the contents. I was not intoxicated but elated and filled with positive Light. I was assured be loyal to my family and extended families I have known and not known yet. Nothing can break the bond of my earthly family and my role would be an extension or tool of Love for Spirit. I was grateful and beamed in honor. I am sorry I cannot explain the visuals as brightly as their appearances but I share this with you as another initiation into Spirit.

I went back to my earthly body. Thanks be to God/Goddess and Namaste to you all. Remember the Cup/Chalice when you are handed this after clearing the blockages in your path to Divinity is filled with all that is deserving and good for you. What you fill the Cup/Chalice with should surely be the blessings to make you beam with honor and service to your path and to the community. This is a cycle throughout your life as we are cherished works in progress!

Much love.

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