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The Goddess Demeter Mother of Persephone - Emotions

March 6, 2005

Demeter is also known as Ceres. She handled the seasons of the earth and she mourned when her daughter "Persephone" ate 6 seeds of a pomegranate after taken to the Underworld with Hades. He made an agreement that the months she could have her daughter back was 6 months out of the year to explain the Spring and Summer months where life is happy and thriving and winter is dark, cold and bleak to reflect the power in the lesson of Emotions.

As I started my journey; I traveled to the Great One of beautiful light awaiting the Universal Goddess of the time to appear and give me my lessons to share.

Then a Triangle of Truth appeared - The Basic, the Lower and the High Self examples of the intricate illusions of "Self." Then the energy field of the pyramid surrounded me. This is and everyone has this Pyramid of Power. Light ejected out to the top corner upward of the pyramid.

We release all our energies and negativity in the pattern of a 5 pointed star. This is the Star of David element that my Teacher Vedam taught me in meditation. After releasing what was not necessary; then the transformation of turning energy inward into pure light is conveyed. As this light travels outward before transformation; we must experience the 5 points of Light.

These 5 points are the 5 senses of Touch, Taste, Sight, Hearing, & Smell. To experience the full extent of Spirit is being balanced in these areas by releasing what does not service us.

The Goddess of Emotion - Demeter appears. Emotions are an expression of energy that spurs us into reaction or response. This is the area involved with primordial evolution when we are evolved from Spirit to Flesh called the 'Tao.'

The primordial is the realm of being neither physical or a spiritual body. It is the realm between these two states of being. When we have emotions; we must honor them by clearing and calming ourselves both the inner inertia from within.

All illusion and beliefs and states of being in the Dark or Light come from within.

It is the difference in how we react or respond as my Teacher Vedam had instructed from his class he is presently teaching Natural Laws.

We can see things from the inside and express these outward. We must understand that emotions and what triggered a dilemma in our life is living in the past. Utilizing our 5 senses and asking ourselves whether this is the 5 sense experienced int he Past or is the 5 sense experienced int he NOW. The difference is transformation from Primordial and Higher Self thinking.

We must understand our Illusion of Ourselves can be presented from either choice or experience in being whatever state we choose.

Sometimes, raw primal reaction is necessary thing touching the hearts of many. Thinking from our heart whether it is heartfelt or heart-wrenching is the message to convey or role we play...necessary for this kind of life lesson.

Other times, we move forward past our own illusions or what we believe we are because we allow others to dictate and identify who we are become ancient and stagnant methods of moving forward through life.

This is the time to ask whether this is the Higher Self consciousness from inner reaction to the outer response in the Soul Evolvement.

This is the difference between Primordial and Evolvement of the Soul. The Knowing of Self is so important but knowing the Truth in Self is the transformation.

This will occur at different times in our life for mind, body and soul balancing. There is no wrong way if we realize the lessons and neutrally observe our progression with Spirit.

Take an observational stance and look at each situation or dilemma from a Higher Self for evolvement. Embrace your emotions as the entry way to the Light. The choice is which door to choose: NOW or Past in the Dark or Light? This message conveyed as the Universal Lesson of the Time. Namaste


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