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The Healium Way - Universal Lesson with Goddess Hestia of Home and Hearth 5/2

The elder Goddess Hestia is a Greek Goddess here to offer an exercise and Universal lesson of the time of being at home or Hearth…your dwelling or sacred space. Since covid you had been isolated utilizing your space and home as your work, education and play. All the laptops and phones that make you feel as if there is no clarity of sacred space and a peaceful and nourishing temple called home. She has called upon you to rediscover your own home …your earthly temple. She is the eldest of 5 other siblings. Her parents are the Titans Cronus and Rhea.

So in meditation; please relax and allow your spine to melt into Mother Earth. Rest and feel comfortable for this gift of self love. The Goddess asks you to breathe in a sacred loving light which is purple for your spiritual journey in her realm in the arid country of Greece and it is a sunny day. She asks you to breathe in through your toes with this light purple light then embraces and covers every cell, bone and flesh. You relax, surrender and continue to breathe in this purple light covering your feet, your calves and knees and travel up your body for every breath of self love. You continue to have it embrace your pelvic region and all that is inside it and your hips and spine. Continue to relax and allow all your organs and all your abdomen, and shoulders and arms and hands and allow the purple light into your throat chakra and travel embracing your head, eyes, mouth and ears and 3rd eye. Keep feeling this tender embrace of light up to your crown chakra and feel the releases expel traveling away from your body and into the ethers.

You gently are lifted by your pure light helper into a realm where you meet Goddess Hestia. She is adorned with a Greek crown and veil. She wears a two piece tunic & skirt of light lilac or lavender color which is the spiritual color of healing with compassionate warm light and she holds the flames of the fire you need to do this journey. She looks you in the eyes with her wise gaze and white flowing hair. She asks, “Where have you been? Where is your home? In order to feel at home; She points to her cauldron over an outside fire which is filled with loving elixirs and herbs she has made that comforts you and your mind is at ease. She anoints you and you begin your journey.

Reflect on this: Have you felt your home is not yours? Have you been too busy to make it a home for you? Have you had others visit too often or live with others that you have outgrown? Do you have the need for privacy and time away from the world? It is time to create and manifest what you think your home is in this realm with Hestia. She asks to look at the surroundings of your home in nature that is transformed to your liking. Is it cliffs and mountains, lakes or beaches and oceans, is it a desert with many dunes of endless possibilities and what does your sacred dwelling have? You look and In your mind you have created your space. Take your time as it manifests in your mind’s eye your own realm now. People who are gardeners, make fire pits or rock gardens or labyrinths know the important to be at home is also the outside of your home for peace. Then you construct your home with your mind and what do you see? A log cabin, an adobe home or what do you choose as your fortress home? You protect yourself in this realm with what you give yourself. What do you want as your home? You busy yourself creating the perfect home for you.

After you have created your home; Hestia asks you to step inside your home to find your own fireplace or hearth. The Hearth or fireplace is the nurturing and gathering of family. She is the Goddess of family, nurturing and home sanctuary. There is wood inside and you recall the fire in your hands as a gift and flames without harm appears so easily to light your home fire.. She asks you to search outside your home for items that give you the feeling of home. You find herbs that the smell comforts you and other natural and edible vegetation to place in your pot and you find the words you need to assemble with them. What do you need? Is it privacy, is it peace, is it rest? What do you need in this pot? She starts filling the cauldron with the fresh water pouring out of her hands magically. Then you place what you had collected of these herbs, edible, plants and vegetations and intentions in your cauldron. Even the words are magical that you place in there feeling like a cozy cocoon of serenity. Positive words creates positive elixirs. The aroma is so welcoming. It is your own healing elixirs of what is home for you in your temple on earth. As it cools; Hestia places your elixirs in flasks to take home to your earthly body and take the action you need to make your home your home again being at home in your temple. You are grateful and give Hestia a flask in gratitude for allowing this healing. Your sacred body travels back to your earthly and you use the flasks to motivate you to love yourself and to take the action to create a home that is for you or even a space. Enjoy the journey back into you and your space.

It has been an honor and pleasure to serve you. Welcome home! Peace to you, Namaste and Thank you for Being here! (Picture from the tarot deck 'The Goddess Oracle' by Amy Sophia Marashinsky and meditation pieces and concepts of psychic - Sylvia Browne).


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