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The Whole World is a Tribe June 2017

It is not ego to be proud of your heritage, nor your culture, gender, sexual orientation, faith or beliefs nor your ancestors; it is a recognition of who are and where you come from. Then you realize that from the many lifetimes, genders, orientations, cultures you had been that the whole world is a TRIBE. A Tribe of Oneness...then we all can get along...we are not above nor below each other. We are a Light and Soul walking this Earth in flesh. We are forever soul expanding like the meditation of being tree story-told to you this week...the rings are the record-keepers of your lessons-hard or elated ones the build who we are and cannot be erased but we are forever going up...rise up and that's the only direction to all happens so we can relate to each other...we are energy. Ask yourself? Do you wish to see past all the physical features, old, young, fat, slim, male/female, lgbtq, married/single/etc., culture or religious or spiritual beliefs as a divisional tool or do we see each other as a light and our visitations of Pure Light or Darkness is a choice we have every day with our intention, our words, our actions and how we see the world? Do you understand that we are the Guardians of the Earth?.. Love her (Mother Earth), love yourself for she is the example of unconditional love and abundance with manifestation. You are responsible how you divide and separate but recognize where you come from is a palette in this rainbow of people and we work together in peace and harmony. We all deserve what we vibrate and believe. We are powerful and create the interactions with others and Nature on how we think, speak and treat ourselves and each other. Be the Light, Be the Divinity, Be the Warrior and take responsibility as the Spectrum of Light you are. Namaste.

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