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Thoth's Learning and Sharing Think out of the Lines by Blue Thunder

Synchronicity is Spirit’s or Universe’s confirmation of what is happening is meant to be and how we grow and see the signs that we are on track. We must not let our ego take charge of our path of light on this earth. Our Earthly Temple and Mind can be tested in this dimension but if we practice being in other living creations’ shoes so to speak; we understand different perspectives and things won’t seem insulting, shocking, against the grain or bad…There are times we are tested how much growth has occurred in each and every one of us.

Loving oneself is not a bad thing and being selfish in taking care of basic needs or nourishment of the mind, body or soul is a good thing. If we study the 7 chakra energy systems…In the book: “Emerald Tablets of Thoth” we find there are 7 Lords which are the Chakras. Why are they called Lords? Perhaps a need to respect each energy system within us and how each functions in balance and imbalances and which is the Lord of balance or imbalance affecting us? How do we come back to balance and back to center? Meditation, self reflection without judgment or expectations. If we keep this in mind; we have gained a heart of gold experience and we can grow and expand in this manner.

When we are angry or offended; it is a trigger to what we think is our value system, what is right, what should be…this is challenge to yourself….Don’t BeLIEve the Lies you think. You can believe so strongly through influences of self programming and self sabotage because you are used to this, you are following the pattern of programming and ‘it seems to work’ is not the answer at all. It is the ability to question the assumed belief systems we have. Our systems apply to ALL? Ask yourself? If it does not; than correct yourself into an aligned Unity of Thought and Universal Thinking and Consciousness. If we can adjust our thoughts by reprogramming the posed challenge in our lives and come to a space of truth and peace…we have done good work.

What is the answer to the popular choice is not what we need to choose. Social media can fool us into thinking if everyone does it and believes this; it is the truth…Not so, when a walking living lesson comes in to create the shake up of your mind; you are learning something new. Does it make sense and change and keep repeating the change to see if it brings ALL embracing and peace to all. Does it give ONENESS to you and ALL?

This is important that you understand that what we read or see maybe not be the entire culmination of how it was exposed to us. If we do not question; we do not think. If we do not think for ourselves; we do overcome our patterned viruses and mind blocking limitations that are given to us as reality. Think again and ask the questions? Why? How? When? Where? and you will see if the system and belief systems are outdated and we are just being good little beings following the lines. Step out of the lines and see for yourself what is reality. What can be light potential for ALL and wisdom will enlighten you into the ALL embracing consciousness in peace and ONENESS.

Much love and light wisdom be with you and always questions and look for the answers, meditate and see what poses before you when you make the change…everything changes with pure light intentions and questions behind every question.

Have an awesome weekend.


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