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Tips for a Medium 9/11/21

What you should do as a Medium and hear many voices in your head. Ask God to give you the information needed in Divine Timing so you can attend to your earthly responsibilities or the many hats you wear so you can give good service when it is time and attend fully in your other earthly matters. Let the Spirits know that you are not able to do this right now and can address this later at the right time. This way you are fully present in whatever task is at hand. Learn to make alliances with the light that requires no EGO to escort those interrupting your session if it does not pertain to the session with the intention of the client or clients. You must create the boundaries so your energy is focused and clear and not interrupted for good service. Try meditation and prayers and clearing others energy even if with sage after each client of the room and self and your tools then start the next. We are not a on button to be 24/7. We have a body, a life and other responsibilities. Then you will be at peace. Peace without EGO is the most rewarding and managing your time whether earthly or spiritual. Many loving light wisdom hugs to you.


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