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Trauma and Dealing with Toxic Environments

Well, the topic is coming up lately. There is trauma in many encounters in your life. It occurs when people do not see what healing they need for themselves and project it onto others.

It is important to understand trauma may be caused by outer influences on others that make them toxic towards others they deem more loved, more abundant and the list goes on. This is an illusion of lack of self love and confidence of who you are.

If you take the time to list the good in you and the weaknesses; you will find that is the stepping stone of identifying what it is in honesty and self love and what you can or cannot control. Take in the fact; if people want to place you in the past; let them stay there and tell them that doesn’t apply in the now at all. If you have someone who constantly refuses to see you as evolving and limits their view on who you are now. You cannot control that but you can self respect yourself enough to leave the situation.

Always say to self “I want to experience joy within and outside of myself.” This will assist you in finding gratitude in the aliveness of being in the now. Laugh at those who find that their opinions are not part of you and only unresolved issues of lack of self love for themselves. This applies to those who rally others to be on their ‘side’ of trying to tear down another before getting to know you without unbiased opinions. You should take note; when a person is dead set in creating conflict and toxic engagement with you and manipulating a new person in their life to agree to tear down another without proper knowledge of their behaviors and history of engagement; can make the person manipulated look foolish. You would think that anyone who is mature in age is mature in mind. Sometimes, that is not true.

Sometimes, we have to think about why this person feeds my thoughts about another to control the environment of loving them more or having more is childlike. In this sense, it is like a child in a candy store…Doesn’t own the store but makes every effort to say all this is mine and no one can have ‘more’ than me. This is an example of a wounded child that has unresolved issues when they feel that manipulation and false information to alter one's view of another is the total truth of who they are.

Try to be neutral when engaging with family members or friends when meeting in person on a first time basis. Are you giving this person a chance and yourself to claim when you engage and walk away…did I come in with a clear slate with this person or did I allow others to influence me into toxic behavior towards another without my own experiences and engagement to make a fair and intelligent decision or did I walk in with judgment or hanging onto my own grudges and feelings that the manipulator found out would be good to tap into and relate to an unrelated incident from their wounded child motivation. This applies to situations on a global scale between countries or universes; do we have all access to all information from both sides and the sources are not reacting emotionally and focusing on one side? Are we a fair citizen of the globe and universe? Ask and research if the sources of information are propaganda or truth. Find the sources if they are related from one sided opinions and experiences. Make sure you understand a good resource to both sides to determine what can be a possibility of resolve. Can we gain peace by more war and weapons? Can we focus on a compassionate walk of life maintaining boundaries recognizing everyone as an equal opportunity soul of light walking each other home?

I say if anyone is a healer and they want peace, spend less time comparing, manipulating and controlling and more time in healing your wounded child issues before you are seen as toxic.

I have experienced this and hope that people when they age; get better, if you find you are in a pattern of winning attention, love and merits by tearing another down; you need to really take the honest time to identify I am being toxic and I want to self heal and be whole and do the work on myself not on divisions, judgment and separation. YOU WOULD THINK PEOPLE HAVE COMMON SENSE. If they are comfortable being destructive and negative; they need to keep to themselves and your boundaries are not engaging or giving them the time of day.

Be maintaining your own peace, be with people you love and feel comfortable engaging with and likewise. Be happy you make the choice to move on and be filled with joy. Can we coexist peacefully without violence in words or actions or behaviors if we truly wish to exist and see each other in our basic needs to live in peace, joy and have all the same things we need to exist on the same level? Be honest and if not and you’ve gone along with this arrangement; unite together and demand change and vote.

Embrace the good things in life and good people and pat yourself on the back. You are always striving for self improvement and moving on. Neutrality is important but also peace and your peace is also not getting into the toxic mayhem others don’t understand they are or in a cycle of and be on your way and have a great day. Much self loving light hugs and joy prayers in your heart, mind and body. Namaste, Peace to you and Thank you for Being here Blessed Bundle of High Vibrational Joy.


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