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Traveling the World with Your Mind

Dear Wisdom Seekers;

Such a pleasure to take time to explore during this pandemic with your mind. Instead of limitation felt in your body and heart; allow your mind to take you on travels of explorations, lessons, amusements and understanding of our broader perspectives of life.

When my children were elementary age; there were times they valued someone to read to the class. I enjoyed going to the public library and checking out stories around the world of children's lives, customs or fairy tales. I loved when a book entailed the different terms or languages referring to what was the value or moral of the story and shared that. I loved asking while I read to children what was going to come next? I wanted to spark their curiosity in learning.

At times, due to our diverse cultural family unit; I knew certain stories that I had food snacks to share or clothing or books or instruments or artifacts to enhance the experience. Sort of like what we do at Healium Center for our inner child curiosity.

If you have a limitation due to laws, monetary or otherwise; I encourage you to research different cultures and stories to learn more how to embrace the broader ranges of possibilities. Try to learn about the history and stories of places you've always been drawn to and to those never even thought about but finding out about now.

We must be open with our inner childlike heart and be the explorer of understanding with stories and facts about different places around the world. Whenever I visit a international market or outside market in a place where diversity is welcome; I like to taste the samplings if safe enough or look at their spices, dry goods or fabrics or pottery. You learn alot from immersing yourself in the experiences. Enjoy this journey and get out there....

Alright Wisdom Seekers; go enjoy and have fun while learning. This is the Healium method and the way our household was done to enjoy life. We find that in our travels; being open, listening, observing and asking questions to get their value system, their stories, and their commodities and foods and celebrations enhance more of us coming together and not imposing our way of life on them. Then we find that we spark their curiosity with their questions about our lifestyle, values and customs come easily with a smile, a cup of tea/coffee and or sharing a sampled snack together. We can come together.

Much love to all of you journey seeking with compassion and acceptance.


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