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Travels to Egypt while Pregnant with our Daughter

I was 26 years old. We had the joy of having our son who was 3 years old when I became pregnant. Meanwhile, every time we had our time of physical creation together; my intuition told me I was pregnant and I would have a baby girl. I never revealed this to anyone for each child and let people make the opinions and decisions on the sex of the baby and laughed inside. Each pregnancy was different. I believed from the malnutrition growing up that my baby really craved different foods for each child’s needs. I was craving one set of foods that my son soon ate so much of and then another set of foods my daughter had me craving for her. It seemed my body was drained and needed extra foods although I was on a better diet being married and taking prenatal vitamins and reading the stages of pregnancy and how to cope with the needs that arose for my body and the baby. We never stop learning even after our child is born; they teach us to want to be better and for the sake of the baby and ourselves as it is our responsibility to better ourselves with or without children. They teach us through innocence and play what we didn’t get in my case…lots of play.

Backtrack to a few years earlier to understand why I am writing about Egypt as a past life soul expansion. I felt a shakiness in the law firm I worked for and the partners were meeting about the financial strain and need to let go of folks. I arranged a few days of leave and I knew I was one of them to leave upon my return as they were too hush and too many doors closing with the partners for letting go of employees. However, I worked a few years there and we arranged both my husband and I to go see my husband’s relatives who would care for our son and had a son the same ago to each other to play. We planned on Egypt. I always felt a fascination when I was little with Egypt and so did my Mom. She worked as an employee at the University of Arizona Library training students, etc. She would bring home books about “King Tut.” I craved learning and took these books and in turn was fascinated. My Mother and Father never talked about spiritually healing and exchanges or directions only experiences on my Father’s part of his life. I listened intently. My Mother was orphaned and would not communicate and held things in. She used this internal dialogue with herself and not much in family exchanges with communication about these matters. Most of my life I had to discover and learn and grow with other research and efforts to learn where my Pure Light Lesson or Helper/Teacher would be in my prayers.

Anyway, back to traveling to Egypt. I felt a strong understanding and longing and belonging to this place. I felt an affinity to the people I knew what was instinctively to say and not to say or behave. I had learned bellydancing for Delalah Mur, a Lebanese dancer since 4 and choreographer for even elites like the Khashoggi family. She was in her assumed 60s teaching a few of us girls techniques and routines. We didn’t have any children at the time going backward to have more understanding. My husband used to play bellydancing music and one of my exercises was dancing. We had to leave her to move to England to find a better life in my husband’s fashion design days. I was his model as I worked corporate and he had been talked into coming to England and find his niche there.

Years passed and I birthed my son in 1989 after being in Atlanta, Georgia to start over again. What a blessing and I cherish him. We then went to England’s countryside where my in-laws ran a bed and breakfast and had a boy the same age as our son. They became quick friends. We were there a few days as our son was 2 and told him that we were going to spend the nights in another place but he would stay with his cousin and play with his aunt and uncle. The pair were opposites but so cute. We flew to Egypt from Paris, France and we were on a ‘Thomas Cooke’ tour with others to Egypt. This the the tour company back in the day you used to travel within Europe you used once you landed from the USA.

We were in temples. I felt an familiarity and bellydance with some folks during a mingling dance event arranged by our guide between touring pyramids and sacred sites and temples. At one time there was a cart carrying a load (body) for burial. I didn’t have to be told and women dressed in black wailing as customary for their deceased loved one. It was amazing as my husband tried to mimic the sounds I quieted him down. The guide came over quietly and said to us that it was a funeral passing by. I could tell the energy at the Aga Khan site of burial and romantic story of how he passed and his wife walked the many steps each day to leave him a rose til her death. We went into the prayer hall where the main Arabic prayer was being said by a Holy Man. I had a shawl and place it on and sat near him crying like I had never been so moved and he continued to pray. It was so beautiful.

I could feel the people and energy at some sights and didn’t say a word but there was a tent party where we were given gowns to place over our clothing for the party. There were musicians, acrobats, snake charmer and a rich family seated front stage of it all and a bellydancer. Some bellydancers are huge but can move as they don’t eat all day and eat after performances late at night as part of payment and funds as well. It was a bellydancer of this sort. Not the slim sleek sultry curvy but a sensual rounded woman. Our guide made sure to tell her to pull me up on stage. She did and she did movements I copied as I was familiar. She put her hand on her face in wonder and to show she was thinking of the next move for me to follow and kept following her. She couldn’t speak English and after a while she motioned the band to play faster and I copied her and she was laughing and then she took an Egyptian coin or dollar and tipped me! I laughed and thanked her and tried to get off but she grabbed my hand to stay and dance a little longer. I didn’t want to be rude as women in the patriarchal influences compete instead of unite. I have blogged about this at other blogs removing this separation and harmony and self love is the way.

I didn’t tell my husband or his family that I was pregnant but they had many group activities that equated to dancing. We went on bus tours to different temples and would return and I would rest not saying a word and then in the evening they had more ‘activities.’ When we exited the bus this time there was an Egyptian band playing old ancient instruments and I started to bellydance and they loved it and people on the other buses would say: “We want to go on that bus tour.” I laughed and felt freedom and my soul said this was home. When we ended our trip from Luxor, Abu Simbal, Valley of the Queens because the Kings was being renovated, the papyrus factory, the glass & souqs for market and aromatherapy flasks and oils was so enchanting. We rode camels and horses, etc. bargaining at the Flea Market and got to drive a buggy to and from.

Years, later unknown to me that I became interested in Shamanism and would journey my past soul life and Egypt. I was a seer for Pharoah and some conflict with people in this life turned out to be false rumors spread of me being valued over their gifts and worth and the reason for the friction or competition from them in this lifetime. I also learned I was a choreographer for special ceremonies and events for Pharaoh but never got to fully dance and that is why my experience is to dance in this lifetime. I also was single and wanted a family this time in my next life and not die so young in most lives. My daughter was of Royalty and sometimes when the Royal Court assembled before ceremonies or events; she would smile and look at me the same way she looked at me as she admired me and respected me. This lifetime I am learning is not a penalty for me to be right intuitively or pressured and my challenges of doubt of my abilities even from people who know me would be my lesson to get over other’s labels and deservingness of my efforts to better myself and soul expansion. So in a sense, our daughter was being exposed to the energy she felt most prominent and familiar with — Egypt during her inception. She began to draw the Egyptian eye years later alot and I didn’t tell her til much later our past life together. It was a blessing to keep evolving. This is my reintroduction and my daughter’s to Egypt. I hope you enjoyed the possibility you may have of your life and soul journey.


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