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Trees - Our Everlasting Teachers of Interconnections via Nature

Dear Beloveds;

It is a time to keep the steps to rebirthing always forward. However, it feels at times we are stepping backward or standing still and going nowhere. This is a mental block we plant and time to unroot those weeds of stagnancy. As I woke to the ocean facing it, I heard the waves going in and out a hint of sea salt air in the breeze. It was the opening of the new unfolding with the sunrise. I heard the howler monkeys making their calls of awakening and alerting each other of the new day ahead of them. I then saw the mountains before me and its greenery and diverse plants and trees. There was one tree that stood out to me. The Nature spirit formed and was speaking a universal lesson to me to share.

In this journey; I have learned alot about the darkness and the little me as some authors and spiritual teachers have spoken about. I am not excluded being swallowed up by illusions of connectedness only by exterior connections. The pandemic and the deaths in the family caused me to reflect how precious our time is on earth. Temporary yet precious and the gifts we receive aren’t always in the most pleasant way to grow but all of our experiences are Purposeful Peaceful Pause in Peace. We need the time to heal ourselves and each other and it begins with the ability to be alone in stillness and not speaking but listening and witnessing everything before us. Hearing the nothingness that leads to somethingness.