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Tribute to You and Your Sacred Heart

Tribute to You as You are Your Own Sacred Heart:

The woodpecker showed itself in our backyard trees...a symbol of foresight and intuition and walk or dancing or whatever on your path by beating your own drum. Yes, what fun. I remember at Healium I did a storytelling meditation about this and it reminds us of our first introduction to a drum is a Mother's heartbeat. The rhythm and the sound of her breathing and rising and decompressing was like an air massage on your body not yet ready for birth. It was so beautiful to hear her voice and when you entered this dimension; you were comforted from the bright lights and the coldness of the room. You were a blessed bundle of joy. Mother Earth shows us her love with all she provides and nurtures, clothes us, shelters us and all we use to make our lives a beautiful potential left to our own choices to see beauty and take care of her in return. In this journey I take you on a journey to her and see the river that flows into two chambers going forward on the left and out the right chamber. Each chamber your heart opens as you hear her own heartbeat and increases all the love in your heart. You are your heart energy and that is a blessing to expand and glow and be rebirthed and baptized in the waters floating effortlessly. What a beautiful journey to imagine and feel and see and hear her gentle voice and she takes human shape on the shores of the inner earth to embrace you and you merge into her feeling her unconditional love. You are blessed and we come from the Earth and will return. Lose all the labels, divisions and judgment. Be pure love and see each other this way onwards. You will benefit in whole and as a community. I say this with many blessings of eternal indestructible love. Happy Rebirth and welcome yourself back to your body. Thank you for being your pure heart and reading this entry. Loving Light Hugs.


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