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Trilogy of Healing with 2 Powerful Women, Mother Earth and Ezekiel (Tree) 9/10/2023

I had the pleasure of visiting a very gifted healer, a nurse and astrologist. Her home was a beautiful and cozy magical and spiritual place. She was a seasoned healer I could tell looking at her collection of art and healing tools. It was a blessing to finally come to a home with this energy.

During my journey there; I took my didgeridoo and my Tibetan bowls I bought for my Mother’s funeral and she had this Peruvian rattle that was awesome and a hand drum. She closed her Priestess eyes to experience the playing of the didgeridoo. Earlier, we spoke of a neighbor cutting down a huge Tree she called "Ezekiel" as I call trees the record keeper. She had a knee issue so I decided to bring some peace and calm to my Priestess and she sat in a ready pose. I played my didgeridoo to her heart and her stomach and knee that was bothering her where she held blocked energy from Ezekiel being chopped down on her side of the property without permission from the new neighbors. She mentioned that they (the neighbors) all took down two mesquite trees as well. Not exactly tree huggers next door.

Prompted to heal; I played my didgeridoo and to the tree the Priestess named ‘Ezekiel’ told me that it was still alive underneath the surface. Ezekiel thanked me for the healing and recognition and the ceremony of burial for it’s being chopped down and for the mesquite trees. I played the didgeridoo in the end as Spirit guided me to see the dwarves dancing and bouncing to the rhythm intuitively of joy from the didgeridoo before ending and getting the Tibetan bowl to play. I played my bowl to also calm in the 7 directions and asked to use her rattle and the Priestess acknowledged permission and rattled to shake off any excess energy and then she gave me permission to obtain her hand drum. The drum was telling me to hit her gently, not hard a few times. I did as requested and then ended in matching the heart beat of Mother Earth fading away. I opened and closed the circle of healing at the end. Then the Priestess mentioned that we may call her friend I call the Woman of Great Honor Healer. I will call her over if she has time to meet me and visit. It turned out that it was the perfect divine time and grace for our great meeting.

This Woman of Great Honor Healer came over. By the way, we had been trying to meet since last week. It was nice to introduce each other and be human in exchange of family and what we experienced in our own worlds to share with each other. She seemed emotionally drained so I thought about pulling out my didgeridoo again. Intuitively, I played my didgeridoo to the 4 corners and then created a portal of light marking patterns with my didgeridoo and opening the portal and allowing only light in to heal our Mother Earth not only in this confined space and dwelling but to the core of the Earth and heal her and the 7 directions and 4 corners again and then around and from the feet of each woman. I then played my Tibetan bowl to the back of one's head to calm it and again to the knee of the Priestess and her feet as well and then gave thanks bowing in Namaste to all directions.

The Woman of Great Honor Healer wrote a couple of songs that were in English, Native and French she sang for us on the Priestesses hand drum. Her voice was powerful, intentionally healing, strong and so beautiful. I couldn’t close my eyes and wanted to witness this power and beauty at the same time. I just wanted to just hear her and be present. I didn’t want to journey if I closed my eyes. I wanted to be there for her and witness this blessing. Each woman saw spiritually a white eagle of balance of masculine and feminine in its wings to fly and the other saw a white eagle headed falcon on her shoulder. We chatted afterward and hugged each other goodbye.

It was a blessing of a day as when I finished I bowed all 4 directions and thanked them and the women of light…both of them …The Women of Great Honor and the Priestess. Until then another blog of witnessing my new path with new experiences in Arizona. Thank you Great Spirit, Goddess and God and Loving Light Unconditional Love. Namaste, Peace to you and Aho.


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