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Trip to India - Kerala Jan. 2019

Dear Ones;

Love of travel is a great eye-opening experience. We landed in Cochin into

a large modern airport. One stop over in Doha and the airport was so modern and most employees from India, Africa and Philippines. They had contracts of 3 years and were provided housing and a job and ruled by a king on Doha. We saw women dressed in modern clothing and a few elite folks like Arabian ways of the black gown with headscarf and face cover with the man wearing the white Arabian headscarf and gown. Many said that the preferred this place over not having enough money for their family's at home.

From Cochin we went to a place by the backwaters in Alleppy or Allappuzha where the rivers boats and houseboats went by from morning til 5/6 p.m. It was the law that boat dock so the fisherman could fish. Fish was in abundance and we stayed at a lake house resort. The bathrooms were the awakening by seeing the drain a few feet away from the toilet and bucket and pitcher for washing. There was a switch to turn on to heat the hot water a few minutes and you washed up and then used the shower drain and the bucket to fill with warm water and washed off the soap and shampoo. I always wondered why in the Indian hardware stores here why the had the sprayer attachment also connected by the toilet. It was enlightening to understand that the sprayer was preferred then toilet paper. In some modern place toilet paper was there in small rolls but the sprayer preferred. I am not trying to be gross but it saves the planet. It is good to know in India there are Hindus, Christians and Muslims living