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Two Days of Releases & Healing Dreams with the Blue Moon 2023 8/30-8/31/2023

Dear Ones;

First of all…we made it through 2 days of this Blue Moon. Lots of upheaval, uprooting and surfacing of what we need to really let go of and then release through meditation, prayer and intentions.

In my first experience this 2023 with the Blue Moon was like a flash bang of all my life experiences and emotions from childhood and throughout my married life. There are the dreams each day and then the walk after all the healing in the Arizona Catalina State Park in what a friend called surrender.

Day One:

My dream was very busy. The mystery came when both of my sister-in-laws from Georgia were in this dream. There is a huge age gap between me and them and they mingle with each other. There was a huge mansion that they were with me and my Beloved and some other younger niece, the daughter of an in-law from Arizona as well.

It appeared that this mansion was remodeled (felt like a wedding venue and I didn't want discord between family members at my nephew's upcoming wedding) and the subcontractor both my husband and I worried he had not returned the key not meant for him to keep and have access. In real time when I revealed this mansion and key issues my husband confirmed that he was real time talking to someone about giving the key to a realtor for showing a property we had for sale the night before.

Back to the dream where I was cooking a pot of chili for a group of children and assembling the shredded cheese if they wanted to top their chili with it. My younger niece, who was the youngest as mentioned before, was observing me cook. When completed; I left the mansion kitchen where my niece was and took a break and I sat on the entrance steps. My sister-in-laws were on each side of me and the older one was on my right wearing high heel black strap shoes and wearing her “Elton John” glasses she likes and she was talking to my other sister in law over me. Then the elder sister-in-law showed me her right foot that had collagen craters interpreting a symbol of not a very good choice on the path and negative indications. In the same dream day one it led into another dream of healing revelation from my deceased mother of the mystery death of my younger sister when in real life she died in front of us on an airplane barely 6 weeks old and me 3 or 4 years old. My deceased mother revealed when she was pregnant with our little sister…she had some organs or pieces outside of her she birthed and that was the complications that were not identified or spoken about. Then a voice said you birthed the baby girl which I knew I didn’t and told my Mother that you did. Sometimes in real life when my mother, an orphan during the Jap Am War, was placed in an orphanage from 3 to 13 years old so she couldn’t handle uncomfortable situations and would blame me or try to make it someone else’s responsibility to deal and feel it. It was confirmation about the way she died. She did have a lung defect like my nephew and that my mother didn’t know what that was called in those days and she never wanted another child intuitively but unknowingly why. I cried for my Mother and woke up for the dream and thanked her for letting me know. I shared this with my Beloved. He was patient and helped me through understanding.

At night, the second day of the Blue Moon: I then prayed to release everything that was holding me back anymore from cellular, to this life and past lives and to release and forgive not demanding anything from each other and letting go. I felt my Guide Blue Thunder moving around as I verbally poured out what I wanted to let go of. He held me and supported me and healed me gently telling me to hold my heart and lungs to let go. I cried and then felt so much peace. My angels and all protectors were there. I was tired of all the old me and all the old issues…I was ready to start the new me again. We go through so much death of the old self many times in our life and transform forward whether we realize it or not even in discomfort.

Day Two: A dream with the Blue Moon:

A dream followed where I was molested by someone in my teens and I had my suitcases visiting my parents and the purpose was confronting my parents about not ignoring what happened and & to leave. The person who molested became naked and there was a sliding glass door and another to prevent his entry. He tried to hold my wrists but I got loose as I was strong enough and no longer could be taken advantage of. Upon leaving in the dream state, I tried to find my car parked outside to leave. Someone had moved the car onto the driveway off the street and broke open the back hatch and took off the side panel back driver’s side. I then knew it was some conspiracy for me not to leave. I got mad and tired and didn’t care to go back to my parents or the molester or my suitcases and left. Telling myself “I am leaving with or without the car fixed.”. I was done no more of this affecting me as I was free all along not waiting or wasting time in the past and could move on ahead. There was a sense of community in this feeling in the dream as I continued to find community and friends and ‘family’ of my own.I joined a group of people that were community and they were preparing food for all and being fed and taken care of. There were all ages and was happily taking personal items Shamanically to do my release ceremony. In order to release; you burn items together and I decided I would do this release one at a time. I cooked myself food that was fresh (steak). I knew I would have much to release over time again in my lifetime. What’s new? Ha! Ha! I was prompted into another dream with another sister-in-law and she was calm and I talked to her and she had a cloth bandage on her right foot ankle and started to limp. It was a decision made that didn't warrant positive outcome between us and prayed it would be resolved with compassion and understanding.

The next morning after two days of vivid dreams and releases with the Blue Moon; I decided to drive to Catalina State Park. I took a 45 minute drive to petroglyphs but they are sacred and secretive and couldn’t find the entrance so I went to the other side of the park to hike and take my time. I was graced with overcast clouds as I didn’t get moving til I made it to the trails. I took the trails to see birds like the rufus back robin of promise and that you are not alone here and there. I saw doves sitting together as symbols of peace and maternal divine energy like in my prayer for peace and then I saw 2 vultures (symbols of spiritual birth, death and renewal) sitting on a tree waiting and drying out in the sun. I then started to walk down the trail avoiding black and red ants busy harvesting for winter. They were in a hurry, they said “We have work to do before the rain today.” I asked the SkyGods and Water and Rain Goddesses to please have mercy and not rain for us. They granted this with grace. They would wait 1.5 or 2 hours until I left. I saw some of the trees asking me to touch their branches and many dedications of park benches from loved ones and families. I saw one say “Every day is a great day.” The same family had another bench watching a grove of trees where birds gathered and again the trees asked me to come over and walk through the arch.. I tried not to disturb the birds (rufus robins) , then I was prompted by the grove of trees to come down as I had played my Tibetan Bowl and Didgeridoo for All down the early part of my walk. I came to a bench and I took out my Holy Oil from Rome, Italy and rose oil for self love and compassion. Spirit asked me to bring it with me in my pocket . The oil was a blessing to the earth so we live and produce what we need in respect of taking care of the earth. They wanted me to promise to try this and not buy drinks in plastic bottles and purchase a sturdy reusable water bottle.

There were plenty of wild flowers, poppy like golden flowers, purple, white lillies. As I walked some lilies were the symbol of taking back your power of the Goddess Lilith. Anyway, I saw a grasshopper moving forward for growth indeed, whipped tail and horned toad lizards for intuition and a small rodent which was small and compact and thick bodied called a vole. The vole’s a spiritual message to trust in ourselves and with adaptability via water, balance with nature in our own world.

The Sky Gods prompted me it was time to leave soon. Walking back towards my car; I saw a quail and it took its time to look at me and then step up on a higher stone to let me know the good things are coming if you take the time to step up and see the whole picture. Then I continued to walk and there was a familiar friend that welcomed me in the beginning of my arrival to Tucson the past winter. It was a roadrunner and a very large roadrunner. Psychically it beckoned me to follow it. I asked with my mind if it was pure light in its intention and serious and it conveyed it was the way out back to my car for me to follow it. I knew it's a story about fooling its enemies by the way their feet are formed like ‘x’s that you can’t tell whether they are going to or from on their tracks. They are clever and remind me to stay grounded and the universe has much to reveal and we are capable of meeting the challenges ahead by knowing and trusting in ourselves. What a beautiful natural revelation. The plants, earth and all life asked me to stay more in stillness without words on witnessing and listening to nature going deeper. I welcome this teaching and I will acknowledge this valuable lesson. I felt the energy going into my feet despite the hiking shoes. I didn’t hike but strolled like my Teacher Tom Blue Wolf revealed to saunter not hike. I don’t really hike seriously going fast but like to observe the plants, animals and skies, mountains and all in existence. I am grateful and I share this with you so you take note of the signs when you get quiet enough…you can hear. Thank you Universe. I hope this helps peak your interest in nature for symbols and signs and the teachings of the Universe when One with Nature. Thanks for reading. Oh and yes it rained as the SkyGods and Water and Rain Goddesses had promised with their grace. This picture are from the hikers and visitors of this park and starts off on the portion of the Catalina State Park called the section “Romero Trails” into many other trails. My chosen trail was the Bird Trail. Namaste. Aho. Much Love, Peace to You. Thank you for Being here.


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