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Underworld Healing with Ayahuasca Focusing with the Mind

Hello Dear Ones;

During my journey from holding the Ayahuasca - Mother Vine; I had some releases to do in the Underworld. I utilize the gift of psychometry. What is psychometry? The ability to be near or hold an object and get the information, history or story. This is the method I used with my mind. The Underworld is not hell or condemnation but a dimension where we call “shadow work” to be done healing our dark-

side or dark issues. Is a dedication to recognize we are both dark and light. We are flawed and imperfect but the perfection is the constant focus to accepting light wisdom and release struggle or ego or pain or challenges. Sometimes, these are triggered by events or emotions kept pushed aside and now is the time to deal with it. We are forever trying to clear and be clear in our mind, body and spirit. This is our path to Divinity.

The Underworld in my Shamanic realm is within a volcano that is dormant and has Greek River Styx where I call the “Skullman” crosses over the dead to the next dimension. Some lost souls are in the River until the Divine time to be healed and crossed over. It is their own doing being lost and so sometimes a light may shine at the right moment to introduce the idea or intent that all is temporary and nothing is permanent even their own chaos and confusion. Storms do not keep being storms; they cease and slow down and there is calm. Just like the healing in the other realm from the body. There is no judgment but as you cross the river on the boat with the caretaker “Skullman;” you know that that energy in the water is not what your soul needs so you do not touch the waters or reach out to the moaning in their illusion of being stuck til self-realization and the power of intent to be clear and whole in the light of perfection where you join the Creator is the ticket to the other dimension of healing as a passenger in the boat towards the union of self with the Union of the Oneness of the Great Spirit/Creator, God or Goddess, Yahweh or Allah or what is your connection to the divine. If you read my journey of the different chambers of spirituality and faiths that your soul settles in another old blog; you can get a gist of that but this is another extension of this channelled information received.

As I went to the Underworld, I am grounded and filled with light and protection all around. I have my power animals for my earthly body, one for my astral body and sacred/soulful body. We are protected in this journey. As I enter the Underworld; I am gifted pieces of bark from the Mother/Feminine Vine - Ayahuasca….Used in Peru and Ecuador for indigineous who live in that land a sacred right to part take to release and reveal without judgment or harm. I enter as my power animal tunnels and there is Lord Ayahuasca. He is happy to greet and see me again. I am not new to Shadow work. I enjoy this work. He is skull like and wears and robe of velvet red. I gift him the Ayahuasca and he is overjoyed to feel the Plant of the Earth’s surface. It has been so long for him to feel, smell and taste it perhaps. It is unusual to take a gift above earth like this he hasn’t seen for so long and of course his name is from the Feminine Vine. I am happy to share what he has not experienced in the Underworld for so long. Who knows it may encourage to rejoin the surface.

Then I approach the SkullMan and gift him the same. He is marveled at this sacred plant and the feel of the Upperearth energy is so invigorating to him. He smells it and tastes it. Perhaps Lord Ayahuasca and Him may make a fire to make a tea to experience it together but now their duties call to receive those who wish to enter and gift offerings and cross over the souls that are ready to complete their journey into the Light.

I start to see the people I need to release and let them go readily. Some are staring at me just observing and I say my farewells and then turn and disappear. I then say farewell to both Lord Ayahuasca and Skullman and the souls traveling on the boat to cross over to the Light. I am happy to share something that does not grow there but lifts their spirits. I return back to my body and give thanks. Blessings are shared and grateful to uplift those in the other dimensions. We are one to help each other grow and uplift. My journeys will be this for awhile to work in other dimensions when called to by Spirit. Much love and thank you for stopping by to read my possibilities. Your Underworld journey & Pure Light Helpers and Teachers of Light with protection and intention will be quite different because it is yours to own. Much love.


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