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Universal Oneness Moving Past the Void by Blue Thunder 1/10/2022

We are mere specks of dust. I am sitting on the beach and meditation reveals my new guide with my loyal guide. I am taken as a speck of dust as the Universal Protectors are with me.

We travel beyond the void of creation and move to an upper realm of bright white light and there are many specks swirling into a creation movement. We are turned into pure specks of dust. Unafraid and spinning and swirling with other specks from all Universe’s.

As we are spinning and joyful light is in us and becomes us and there is no fear in this spinning motion passing but moving together and seeing us formless. My Galactic Guide assures me and

My earthly Guide that like the galaxies that form in the spinning motion; we are like the stars in which we come from. This is how creation happens as we are in it!

So much joy and elation is in this swirling of all into Oneness. There is no thought of division or separation…we are specks becoming ONE.

In this lesson, I am learning that we embrace and accept each other and start anew for we are from the Stars as my Guide teaches me. Let’s be one without thought of our differences of minds, bodies, beliefs, cultures or traditions. We can be if we evolve in bliss and joy together. Much healing can occur from this teaching.

I hope you have a beautiful life with others in peace. Many Joy-Filled Hugs!


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