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Using the Moari Crystal to Clear Chakras 3/3/2005

My Mother Goddess Isis is calling to me and I sit on her lap and she is sitting Indian style with crossed legs holding me like a child. She turns into white light and it still shapes her body like a mummy with headdress and eyes showing as she has me ride on her back. She takes me to my Pyramid of Power. I am inside and greet her now transformed inside the pyramid into her healing chambers and she is wearing a black gown. She says to me: "You must due to become new (spiritually in my sacred body). There is a layout to using only 5 White Crystal Quartz to clear my chakras from the other crystals in this set.

As this is happening, the Moari Elder Lineage Keeper join Isis standing side by side holding me like a small baby as my 2 Mothers.

Suddenly I am transported to a birth chamber in a cave where I see Isis, Kali (Fear) in metallic silver blue, Aphrodite (Love), and Freya (Sensuality), Hestia (Hearth and Home), Artemis (Selfhood) and other Goddesses outside this pool of birthing to the earthly world. Both Isis and the Moari Elder woman hold me and place me in the warm water of this pool. I am going down this tunnel from the pool into my earthly mother's birth canal and am born.

I see bright lights in a hospital and am told these are not Lights of the Creator as I am confused as my eyes are sensitive. So I am not happy and cry because of this "shock." I am moved along in time in my form now asking Isis where the Moari Elder woman went? She says: "She is in the corner of the pyramid." As she instructs me to look for her. I hear her crying! I am concerned for my highly respected Lineage Keeper and approach her and ask: "What is wrong and why she is crying?" I apologize if I have done anything wrong with the crystals. She says: "No, it is just that you once were with us and it has taken you a long time to return to us. I leave to return to my earthly body understanding that this was one of my past lives as I journey at times riding a whale.

Thanks be to God/Goddess. Namaste. This journey happens to all of us when we rebirth surrendering to growth. As we learn, we are like a newborn, and grow into many phases of growth to understand and be cleansed and blessed by the Light in cycles of learning something new. Namaste.


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