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Veteran D. Dunbar Letter of Recommendation for Our Work at Healium

A little about Deborah Dunbar:

She is a woman who attended many of our open mic and open jam nights at our center. We created special events she had enjoyed attending and many of my storytelling meditations. We enjoyed her presence and her service. She is quite the techie lady and is thriving in Atlanta.

Her Recommendation:

As a busy professional and a proud Veteran, I served honorable in the United States Air Force. We served. For many different reasons, some for our patriotism, love of country, willingness to help, and sacrifice for the common good. It was an incredible experience, and I have outstanding life-long bonds with my fellow veterans.

Yet on the other side, depending on the individual veteran and whether or not he/she has the benefit of a positive support system, each of us has issues of concern including but not limited to:

Veteran’s relationship with him/herself, their sense of identity, purpose, and self-worth.

Reassessment of life goals and ambitions, followed by setting and achieving personal/professional goals.

Coping with “starting over” in society. No longer holding the respect and authority afforded by a particular rank, ultimately being regarded as “Joe Smith” versus “Sergeant Smith, the Platoon Sergeant.”

Psychological effects of traumatic experiences, which may inhibit personal and professional growth. Examples include PTSD, survivor’s guilt, depression, and inclinations towards substance abuse/addiction.

Many challenges, which is why it is essential to have healthy, fun ways to let off steam in a friendly, safe environment like the Healium Center. Before COVID, I would regularly hang-out at Healium with my friend Yvonne who introduced me to such a fun, unpretentious space where I could if I choose to paint, dance, play an instrument in a spontaneous band, or talk with one more people. They typically would have a vendor who made tasty food, and you can sip on some wine, or not - all your choice. I believe Healium heals each of us emotionally, spiritually, and physically! I have transformed into a better understanding of myself. I am still working on my painting skills, but there is no judgment. Over time, just like all healing, that will substantially improve. Could you do it for your emotional health? (PIcture of a model)


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