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Violet Flame - Mother-Father God Healing for All by Blue Thunder White Lightning

Violet Flame: The Violet Flame is the embodiment of Father-Mother God Energy. It is pure and loving and Divine. I utilize the Violet Flame on Clients as the Ascended Masters attend the healing and take over. I ask the Highest Good Healing be done to remove all obstacles of the mind, all the past lives loops and patterns that block a clarity of wholeness within any and all whose Highest Good asks for the removal of karmic and unhealthy ties to any all people and place and things, rejuvenation of all cells into pure and healthy states of being from now and onwards and maintained with the Violet Flame enduring love and all that is needed be healed mind, body, Spirit and Astrally in Pure Light and Bliss entering the 3rd eye and clearing all that is unseen, unheard and unfelt and unknown that may have entered causing harm and creating a test of recognition of evolving the question "What am I being taught?" Meditate to breath in this Violet Flame with mercy and love to embrace all the selfs of you and your whole being into a full state of ease without disease. I ask all in the Highest Power to assist and Priest Melchizedek and St. Germaine and grant and assist Father and Mother God and Holy Servants of Light to heal all in need of what is needed to be whole and embrace all in all needs as listed and forgiveness of self, others, people and places these unnecessary imbalances have occurred and held and be removed from all with Grace, Light and Love from the Violet Flame from above and on Earth. Be well and Be Blessed and Being Whole. With all my humility and love asked of You Almighty Father-Mother God...I bow and all in spirit, mind, body and astral body. May our Sacred Self and Earthly Self be ONE in this healing. Thank you Most High Father-Mother God for your healing and continual healing til all negativity and blockages are dissolved. Much Much Gratitude and Love. Amen/Ameen, Aho, Namaste all Universal Reverent Responses to the Call of Wholeness with the Violet Flame. Thank you Thank you Thank you.


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