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Visit to Gibbs Gardens and Ellijay, GA 10/30-11/1/2022

I went with my Beloved to the talk of “Gibbs Gardens” and such a labor of landscaped love. The owner, Mr. Gibbs started taking 300 acres and transforming from the 1980s until 2012 into a beautiful garden of many of nature's serene surroundings. It was near Halloween and Day of the Dead holidays. This is a landscapers and photographer's dream to go.

I was driving slowly and my speed driven husband likes to rush to the destination then relax. I drove and said, “Why don’t you learn to relax, going to, during and from your destination to relax.” You can do this because you choose. It was a great realization as he kept prompting to pass this driver or move faster. We could see the change of the colors of the leaves, the pastures, cows and nature’s expression of Fall - the season of bounty, gratitude and beautiful surrender into death. Death of the old ways, habits and past looking forward to the future in wholeness renewed.

We stayed in a cabin on a farm. It was a beautiful weekend meeting folks and going forward in our lives to transform in our relationships to self in the past two months and with each other. A surrender that change is good and self empowerment was being achieved.

On the last day; we were to leave and a potbellied pig appeared. I was on the porch so it seemed it did not know how to walk up steps. I knew it was a pet and I greeted the Pig. I wagged its tail and then the 3 dogs the owner mentioned showed up - ‘Trixie,’ ‘Boomer’ and ‘Biscuit.’

Then I walked down to pet the pig. Quickly the pig reminded me of my Mom. Not an insult and she believed in Chinese Astrology of the Year of the Pig. She gave me a small tiny plastic pig for abundance in the Chinese Astrological belief system. My Mom was a flashy and bright light who dressed like the Muppets Puppet show actress “Miss Piggy.” I meant it lovingly and fondly. I called her this name in her absence as her personality and the way she flipped her hair reminded me of my fun and people loving Mom (RIP). The pig came to me squealing and very strong. It pushed its snout on my legs as if to ask: “Where’s my food?” repeating this type of squealing and pushing on my Beloved's legs. It didn’t bite us. Then my husband videotaped me. I began to run away from the pig and it squealed as if it said: “Hey, where are you going? Wait for me? Feed me?” I laughed circling the fire pit and it stopped half way so smart and waited til I circled and ran back to the wagon. We packed our things to go next to the cabin and then it chased me again. I was laughing and weaving back and forth and the pig squealed and was dodging back and forth on the opposite sides. My Beloved said this was my Mom! Yes, she was making herself present to us.

As we took the wagon uphill to the main house from the cabin; the pig followed us and the dogs came and left as they seemed to fear the pig. Such an intelligent and strong being. Animals and Nature are so ready to teach us and remind us to be light in life. As we loaded the car; 6 turkeys appeared 5 black male ones and one white female. Turkey is the symbol of service. There was one dominant one who puffed himself up to show his beautifully displayed plumage and cackled. They seemed to be pets as well, cackling unafraid and not attacking for us to feed them. We laughed and the symbol of dogs as loyalty, the pig as abundance and intellect and the turkeys of service. It was the total end of the trip of blessed messages.

Well, wherever you go; wish you much awareness and see the significance and be open to what nature can teach you and who your teachers are no matter where you go. I wish you harmony, thanksgiving, self awareness and forgiveness and peace in this season of change and transition. Many prayers for myself and all for positive movement forward not getting caught up on details but on the acceptance of wisdom freely gifted to you in the most simplistic way. Happy Gratitude and Change Month for All in Tenderness and Gentleness. Much love.



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