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Visiting the Upperworld for our Inner Child with the Goddess Uzume 1/12/2005

The journey started off by merging with my Tree Sister - Chrysalis and becoming one. I was told not to struggle to see as I was one with Chrysalis (My Tree Teacher's name.) and to see through with Spirit. The Upperworld dimension is the world of angels, ancestors, saints, pure light cartoon characters and all that is good.

Now moving forward with this journey; I went to her crown (This part of the Tree Sister is a broken tree top from lightening strikes.) and jumped on a cartoon witch as she cackled and went to the Moon as a Moon Goddess. The Moon Goddess's face was a Hag that laughed. After visiting her and saw my favorite cartoon Bugsy Bunny characters: Tweety bird, Puddy Tat and a sad bunny. I asked the bunny "Why was he sad?" The bunny said, "I am sad because I want to see the Goddess." The bunny hopped on the broom of the witch and leaned on her back comically.

Continuing forward on this exploration of spiritual lessons; I was an observer and saw the cartoon version of Cupid (God of Love). He asked me to ride on the tip of his arrow. He shot the arrow and it went straight into Zues's heart at this point he feigned dying playfully but we knew he wasn't to die and Zues took the arrow out with me still sitting on it.

Then suddenly Pan (loves a party and nymphs) came in the area passing through where a long wooden picnic table was and Elmer Fudd sat on the bench dressed in top hat and tails looking serious in the opposite direction. I asked, "What he was looking at?" He said, "For the Goddess."

Then the Shinto Goddess of Laughter named 'Uzume' came forward as a funny contortionist doing all kinds of rude and unladylike things to make us laugh. She said, "Where is your inner child? You need to work on your inner child and take the other child out of your womb (It was a child I lost and still mourn time to time before his birth.) you left from the last journey to play and help you heal." So out they popped. Uzume tickled them one at a time and took them to a beautiful place where trains, clay, pretty flowers, anything a child wanted to explore and be content was there to keep them busy.

As the inner children played; I was inside a huge bubble with a Fairy from the last journey called "Seraph." We could not leave and were transported in the bubble but I was admiring the beautiful play garden. I apologized to Seraph about the vacuum cleaner incident when I was cleaning my house in real time and thought it was a light bug but was too late. He said, "Not to worry as he could pop out of here and there easily as part of it's powers out of danger."

Eventually, we were able to exit the bubble and there was Elmer Fudd again riding a old wooden stagecoach type vehicle with an accordion type chimney as his driver seat out front went up and down while steering a funny creature of camel legged, rhinocerus bodied & horse-headed cartoon animal. With the sight of this; I laughed and laughed so hard. He was all smiles. I heard a voice beckon me back to the Goddess Uzume.

I went back to her and she said, "It will be a gas!" She changed into one a large funny fart cushion and traveled back like one by farting away as the energy of my daughter I call Clown Angel appeared and said, "Hi Mama!" What perfect timing she had as that as her favorite comical tools to make people laugh...whoopie cushions. Going back to Uzume; who requested the limericks while jumping rope, whoopie cushions, plastic toy edible lips, love and laughter for the next Goddess Gathering for Women (Don't you think it would be great for everyone?) She wore a Silk Red and Golden trimmed Japanese Robe and opened it up and inside there were many children huddled in her robe. These were other inner children that were waiting their turn for healing. She said that my journey was finished for today and farewell to me.

I drifted past the wooden picnic table and to take off to the Moon Goddess once more and she stretched out her cartoon arms and hands to my sacred body. She told me not to worry about the two children left behind to heal as they needed a little more play and it would be all right and safe for everyone. I thanked Uzume and gifted the Moon Goddess the shroud of star beings by asking them to surround her like a crown and they all agreed. Mother Moon was so pleased and returned into my earthly body.

Remember, we get caught up in stress and do not give space in our minds, body and spirit to play. Play is essential and so is laughter. Go to a playground or volunteer with young kids and see how the accept all possibilities of discovery and play if inspired to do so with assurances made with love. I hope you enjoyed the Upperworld for Inner Childlike Play and Healing. See you soon.


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