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We Create our Own Suffering (long term) and Can Flow into Wholeness by Blue Thunder 4/1/2023

If you have ever taken a leadership role, have been a mentor, parent or elder in a group of folks familiar with you. You will find the closer you are the more vulnerable and freer you are to reveal the exiled and hidden parts of yourself. The parts you felt needed tucking away and dark or uncomfortable parts you have journeyed in your life. In the same situation; you don’t have to be a leader and a lone warrior of suffering; you are an instrument of positive high potential of healing oneself with much time taken of inner reflection towards self love and wholeness. Have you forgotten what joy is? Have you forgotten there is duality in life? Where there is suffering and pain; there is peace and ease. It is like the prayer of St. Francis of Assisi:

The Prayer of Saint Francis of Assisi

Lord, make me an instrument of Thy peace;

Where there is hatred, let me sow love;

Where there is injury, pardon;

Where there is error, the truth;

Where there is doubt, the faith;

Where there is despair, hope;

Where there is darkness, light;

And where there is sadness, joy.

O Divine Master,

Grant that I may not so much seek

To be consoled, as to console;

To be understood, as to understand;

To be loved as to love.

For it is in giving that we receive;

It is in pardoning that we are pardoned;

And it is in dying that we are born to eternal life. Amen.

No matter what faith/belief you are; it is duality and we choose to suffer long term or be self aware, truthful and healing ourselves.

There are stages of this. If we have suffered; take the time to ground and breath pure white light around our bodies and cells in our minds and our third eye. Do this several times as you are capable and deserving to start with a fresh mind of peace to see without condemnation the area of suffering where it started and to address this as an observer looking at your own series of life in a movie theater. Be comforted that you are only retrieving this ‘scene’ in your mind to address it if you are committed to self love and healing. Are you ready to be whole again? Are you ready to see that we suffer but we also can choose who long it will affect us in our memory banks of our mind…a silent rolodex of experiences we have and keep aside to understand or reflect upon.

On the other hand; inner reflection is important to move forward as an observer in order to heal. We live only a short period of time on this earth. We are a soul expanding in light and wisdom from our earthly experiences interpreting what is good and bad and invaluable.

We are a flawed species and we can hurt or help ourselves and each other. How does one become whole? By being truthful and wanting to be whole. We can hang onto suffering like a familiar companion or we can let go and work towards undoing agreed unhealthy attachments to this aspect of self that is uninspirational. We can choose the other spectrum and start acknowledging we can and what our own truthful answers can be for ourselves. When we do this; we can create a new way of formulating our inner peace and earth walk upon the path towards the Divine.

As we are growing; realize that some situations that occurred to you were not your fault but a lesson in resilience and search for peace by knowing there are answers within with the support of friends, family and therapists and mentors. Our mental health is so important to maintain.

I am learning from doctors, researchers and psychiatrists, etc about the importance of having plant medicine and which are helpful to a block in our mind to heal. They study and measure how plant medicines are effective with each ailment and which are not. Sometimes, a person with certain mental psychotic illness may need a low dose or if they are taking medications; the therapy can assist if the pharma is cleansed, a commitment to heal with an INTENTION and MEDITATION OR REFLECTION is a more successful rate. Sometimes, certain illnesses will require more counseling and integrative support for however long is needed. Some heart and blood pressure or psychoses are not favorable but a loving environment with commitment of the intention and meditation helps the person reach inner peace. Like I said, “Peace is the doorway to unlimited positive possibilities.” Purging may happen in the body as emotions, mental with vocal sharing and spiritual connection to our pure light helpers we have not opened to and help us move forward and heal and be empowered. It is quite interesting that in other countries some of these plant medicines are allowed.

In some indigenous cultures; it is the norm and no age bracket and others is an initiation towards a new vision and way of being after the session with thorough integration and follow up support helps.

I am getting off track but suffering is a choice to stay with it and keep it as a familiar companion or a burden. When you feel the suffering deeply and in a dark space; it is more than a signal to find another way of regaining support and healing and seek it out.

I find our suffering is a pivotal initiation to the next step of our lives. We may interact with each other positively but our relationship quality needs to be a self check on how our past formulated our false enduring of suffering. We must ask ourselves this question? Why did I think this was so valuable to keep? Was it helping me reach a path of flow and self awareness and move forward? If not; ask yourself further: Why did I think my response or non response was going to help me get past this obstacle of the mind and body? Was my action fruitful in overcoming this suffering? Why did I hang onto it? Do I feel at peace knowing there is another way of moving past suffering choice patterns? If you find asking these questions will help you understand that you don’t need to keep suffering experiences in your mind and body anymore. How you contribute to keeping suffering as a companion is something to think about. Why do you need to keep the cycle of suffering? Is it the myth that it runs in the family? Is it the unhealthy cycle to break off our own thinking patterns and responses that need to change? YOU are the power and the change for yourself.

If you understand to ponder yourself, who is causing the suffering now from the past? Ask yourself if you are suffering now; is it from the past or a continued suffering? How do you break the cycle and get support to overcome? Where to look and research what you think works for you. Sometimes, plant medicine is not always needed but some is necessary if you are so blocked for years and suffering that you need a mind to be altered a bit to see another spectrum of self, gain insight in what you have experienced and a spiritual answer may be there in the form or passed ancestors, guides and angels or a Universal visualization of our existence is a minor and only short time. Take a breath and take in the temporary state we are living in for only a short time and move into the new possibility of finding peace, finding the positive self and you again. Celebrate your power to choose and know and find the help and support you need.

Sometimes, we suffer when it comes to relationships because we ourselves have chosen to shut off aspects of our voice and action from old school teachings of our mean well ancestors. I, for example, have been married for a very long time at a young age. My ancestors or my Grandma and Mother on Mother’s side told me to be quiet and please the other person and this is a mistake because your true self doesn’t come out and the impression to the other is everything is fine. We conflict the situation by going along with this ‘relationship’ and must voice our changes needed instead of blame and accuse. The longer, believe me, you let this go and not reveal your true self; the harder for your partner to see what you are talking about. Even if you voice your desire for changes vehemently doesn’t mean anything when you continue the behavior patterns of non change. You have to act and speak about the change. It will be difficult the longer you wait and hard for your partner and any one that has known each of you for a long time. I am unconventional in my approach but as a healer try to have patience. Patience sometimes is interpreted as procrastination of not moving forward. At other times; you have to discern who you share your desire to change. A suffering is needed upon who you share with. If you think it is fair to advise main people who are close to each other or your partner for support in this change; you must decide if their lives are in seeing the truth or doing motions of what is ‘good’ in their influences of old ways, stereotypes and patterns and are they suffering. If the answer is that they are suffering from their own choices because they too need to reflect; then this is not a good support system…you are just adding more dominoes or stones in a wheelbarrow of suffering and collecting more of the same experiences. This is unfair to use their support when they themselves have no support or issues of the same. You must give each other space and allow yourself the space to recoup and find positive support. Support from those who understand a similar situation or see a therapist who is helpful in helping you move forward.

Sometimes, we have to not be in contact as our suffering can reflect and be more impactful to the suffering people in your situation. We have to let each other go and focus on ourselves. We are imperfect beings and learn to move forward in our suffering finding the support that really understands. There may be people who interpret and are influenced by others modeling the ‘right’ way to behave that still can be asked if this support person fully understands the situation by living it is a question to self. If so, they are the allies you keep and if not; you let them be in peace and move on. It is not that there are bad or good people; but those that understand fully or don’t and conflict and imposition of strong emotions will occur without taking a step back if this is conflict or imposition; they are not the support system you need and bless the learning situation that had occurred and move on. Maybe in the future when we have done this journey back into true self and self love; we will be able to meet again in neutrality and understanding. Maybe not but it is a great lesson and think about why you suffer? You learn how to think about your own voice and actions towards suffering or moving past it is what you want. You deserve peace and love and to be whole again.

I don’t know much but this is my take. I am learning about myself. I am on a journey back into self love and understanding myself and what my own suffering is. It is my own experience and lesson to be resilient, to have hope, to find the inner answers and outside support in this realm or others in wholeness in pure light.

I find that nature has given me signs of positivity on my path with the starlings that gather and symbolize the value of family or ‘family whether blood related or not’, cooperation and unity and effect of our lives on others by living in harmony with like minded people…some may call this their tribe…Haha! You choose your support systems that work for you; feel freer by choice from a heart of pure love, unconditional love of self and you can be more present in this life with peace, gratitude and reflection with joy. You deserve it. It has been a pleasure to share with you and Namaste, Aho and Peace to you. YOU ARE UNCONDITIONALLY LOVED.


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