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Wearing a Mask? Nothing to do with Covid-19

Are You Wearing a Mask?

Raccoon medicine is the ability to wear a mask. Are you wearing different masks to cope with life? Are we wearing a mask so we cannot be hurt, judged or unloved? Today is the day you take off your mask, reveal your vulnerabilities and flaws with courage and thought knowing that everyone wears a mask. We wear one with the people with love, our teachers, for our leaders, friends and co-workers or clients and ourselves.

Sometimes, masks are used for survival skills like when in danger with a dark energy or person you feel in your gut that what you will say will trigger their much needed mind into violence or harm towards you. That's when the mask is necessary but I am talking about circumstances when not.

We are brought up into a society to focus on doing and not being. Once we learn we chose we came to BE when we incarnated into flesh; and it's all part of the Divine Plan; we can relax knowing that everyone else is too. We are just playing roles to expand our soul path and everyone we cross paths with to do just this.

We may forget and be tested if we can be real. Our old systems of ancestral programming be