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What are You in Gratitude For?

April 9, 2019 | Blue Thunder

This Wednesday's 5th Birthday for Healium is 7 to 11 p.m. at Healium Center. Storytelling you into relaxation to ask yourself what you are in gratitude for? Have you been truthful about the loving support of the Universe? Have you noticed the kind deeds or help along the way overlooked to maintain your life so you can carry on and through the trying times or the good times? Have you shown appreciation to all those along your life journey? Tomorrow will be a time for this. We are grateful and I am, myself, for what the Universe has gifted me and hope to serve in the Light with Compassion and Truth. When someone says they are strong or capable; it was because they may have had a support system without knowing it or forgotten to verbally say it. We are a society that keeps things internally and than expand on the experience into truth or into hopeful reality. Someone else's truth is not another's truth and we all treat each other differently as human behavior. Sometimes, we do not have the clarity, or challenges ahead of us and other times we let ego tells us wild stories about our achievements or others to make it look a certain way because we don't want to look bad. Whatever that means but be truthful in your appreciation and gratitude in the times you have been and how it has impacted you and not speak for them as your situation is not theirs and vice versa. Be a loving, truthful soul walking this Earth and have the kindness to be truthful to the extent of what the support is. The main point is having gratitude in your life journey by taking a breath and grounding yourself and seeing all that beauty in all the kindness and support you have received and telling them so and thanking the Universe for this opportunity to be alive and be able to do what passion you have in the ups and downs in life. Grounding helps you achieve the gratitude by letting go of hanging onto challenges as your focus but the accomplishments on your path. Love and respect each other and be in TRUTH as best you can. Much much loving light hugs.


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