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Working with a Dying Woman 2005-2006

Dear Ones;

I tell this story not to hurt anyone or disrespect anyone but in truth. Names are left out and locations for their protection. In my life; I had witnesses through survival methods the use of magic to achieve means against other's will. I have also witnessed harm from others if their emotions are not in check nor the knowledge of free choice is not honored. This is part of the spells blog I wrote about not to use in any kind of relationship.

I wish to talk about some people I knew that battled with their gifts against each other. Some people use these when others use their gifts to influence them in ill ways causing harm or depression or sadness. When you do this even though you defend yourself. (You have the right to defend yourself from harm) It is hard but do not in kind return the harm back. Just block and protect yourself and move on. Do not use your gifts to destroy peace possibilities. It is more for you in your Highest Good you do this and to move forward in positive movement.

Anyway, I had a woman who contracted breast cancer; battled hidden gifts with another and was in fear of me. She was superstitious...remember my writings about superstitions and how they do not service you. Anyway, breast cancer is an expression of giving out so much and not taking back and if addressed manifests in the breast to be forced into self care and others caring for them in a different role. This is the same for prostate cancer; out of balance male role energies and false old interpretations of what a male is.

As a few months went by; I learned the story of this woman...she was a bright educator, influence and creative in the community. People, Passion and Participation were her theme. She didn't get checked for months and it manifested into stage 3 breast cancer. Her loyalty to her work was important and her childrens' success in life as well. She was married and mother who'd fight like a tigress if she felt her children or husband were threatened or misjudged.

Then Spirit and Ascended Master Jesus and Mary came to me. They asked me: "You believe in unconditional love?" I said, "Yes." Then you will be asked to do this for this woman with breast cancer. You must ready her for Heaven's reunion and not tell her family or anyone as the journey to overcome fear is important. She had many phobias - germs, chemicals in the pool, etc. You will do this at a distance for a few months then go visit her as she was out of state. I agreed and said, "I am ready to serve." She had done some harm towards me causing confusion and sadness & rumors of untruths to discredit me at a very young age with people who met me before my encounters with them so I was treated badly. I was ready to get rid of this energy and move on. This was the step towards learning Unconditional Love. She knew me as a shy woman who learned cultural dance through her to overcome my shyness. She was inspirational at first and then she changed her mind as she was set in stereotypical and ancestral programming of thoughts of what poor people were like and what the well to do were like.

What she had done to me was cause a car accident and it was revealed by Spirit showing me her face while she used spells. My Angel held me back steady and hard from the steering wheel and glass. I did let her know I was fine and her expression was shocked when I called her. It was a woman driving who kept following very closely to me and weaving and I avoided this woman driver many times but then a traffic light turned red and I stopped and she rammed into me. There are times I have had accidents or break ins and wasn't aware my intuition would make me the suspect at times but that's another story.

I found out she didn't want to tell us because she feared me as she discovered that I had some gifts. She thought that I would be a dark energy taking revenge & advantage of her and guilt about (hidden) her work when she was angry using her gifts on others for her family or success in work. She was a highly respected woman and loved by the community that didn't know about this other side of her. I then decided I would talk to her about earth time meditation. She was a big time meditator of TMS and she utilized that when she needed to decompress or destress or give her peace and energy to fulfill her many hats she wore. I began talking about the energetic healing of light and colors for her as directed to her via email by Spirit and using simple sacred geometry by just explaining shapes not call it that term knowing her fear of unknown would stop the process and assignment given to assist her soul. Then I revealed her two angels and guides and what they looked like and purpose helping her this life time. I then saw the Breast Cancer Angel appear in helping her as well. All this revealed carefully without referring her to death because of her phobias.

After a few months; I visited. She was so happy to see me. I then continued to give her energetic readings and then on her family to express their fears of her demise if any and closures. She began to ease up and then one day I came to her house and I talked about grounding and filling with light and the use of the Sun's energy to heal and breath-work and moving her energy with her hands. She enjoyed our conversations. She as an educator said, "If I had gone to some type of school; I would really be something." I smiled at her honest compliment as that was the way she saw me and believed strongly. I thanked her.

During my visit a long time friend she would talk of used to visit and give fresh foods and juices to her was coming that day. She must've been talking about me to her. Anyway, the friend told the woman she was coming in the afternoon. I was nice to see her husband had cooked some foods to eat and we sat at the dining room table waiting for her friend to arrive to eat together.

The woman looked at her clock on the stove as she wondered why her friend was late. I asked her if she'd want to know for permission to see for her and she agreed. Also got permission from her friend by mind to mind contact. I grounded and filled with light and saw her friend was driving a van that another car had hit the bumper and the bumper came off. Not to hard about 25-30 mph and that she was not harmed is the information. Her husband was a baker or chef and he was shown with his hat & white coat coming to bungee cord the bumper back on. Her mind told me all about the accident with permission and that she'd be on her way and be there in 15 minutes. I then repeated what her mind told to the woman when she would arrive, the accident and that she was fine. She watched the clock to see if this were true. She was the type of woman who was a strong skeptic and didn't believe in God as much as she used to say as her husband told us that she was more Athiest but believed something was out there at times.

After 15 minutes; she came through the door into the dining area next to the kitchen and said the same information to the woman. I then was quietly listening to her repeat what I had seen energetically and confirm it. The woman's eyes and face relaxed and looked at me as she introduced me to her friend. She told her what I had experienced and the friend confirmed that her husband was a cook and then taught them to ground themselves. I helped the friend ground being flustered by the accident and she saw how I felt her roots unrooting and then assisted anchoring the roots as I said, "Let me help you root or ground again." She smiled at me. The woman confessed to me that she was scared of my gifts but now she knew I would not harm her as she kept a memory of this condition with gifts utilized by her own use and meaning that was false. I said, "I am not that kind of person to misuse my gifts to harm anyone. This is not Unconditional Love." She nodded in agreement and trusted me even more.

There we many occasions she was struggling with breath and pain she would ask me if she was going to die. I then was reunited with her before her passing to see her Mother's spirit stand by her and thank me and at times she came in the room as it would turn cold. I would convey for the last time to her about her question of dying. I was not allowed to tell her from Spirit. I told her that I cannot answer that but then she asked about her Mom. I said, "She is in the room and has been visiting especially when you feel a coldness. (Also when you are dying and not detoxing from energy; you can feel colder. It's a cold that cannot be remedied by earthly remedies or methods.) Then she asked me: "What is my Mother saying to me?" I said, "If she could change places with her (because of her suffering as this was passed down in the family); she would." The woman smiled and said, "That's my Mom." I hugged her for the last time being reminded "This is the last time you will see her." She departed the next day and two weeks later as her lungs collapsed. Her funeral was so beautiful as she had flowers to fill a stadium I was told from political, educational, cultural, etc. When she touched your life; be ready to get the best self from your work if you ever asked her.

It was an honor serving and learning to work with the Lesson of Unconditional Love.


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