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Working with a Dying Woman 2005-2006

Dear Ones;

I tell this story not to hurt anyone or disrespect anyone but in truth. Names are left out and locations for their protection. In my life; I had witnesses through survival methods the use of magic to achieve means against other's will. I have also witnessed harm from others if their emotions are not in check nor the knowledge of free choice is not honored. This is part of the spells blog I wrote about not to use in any kind of relationship.

I wish to talk about some people I knew that battled with their gifts against each other. Some people use these when others use their gifts to influence them in ill ways causing harm or depression or sadness. When you do this even though you defend yourself. (You have the right to defend yourself from harm) It is hard but do not in kind return the harm back. Just block and protect yourself and move on. Do not use your gifts to destroy peace possibilities. It is more for you in your Highest Good you do this and to move forward in positive movement.

Anyway, I had a woman who contracted breast cancer; battled hidden gifts with another and was in fear of me. She was superstitious...remember my writings about superstitions and how they do not service you. Anyway, breast cancer is an expression of giving out so much and not taking back and if addressed manifests in the breast to be forced into self care and others caring for them in a different role. This is the same for prostate cancer; out of balance male role energies and false old interpretations of what a male is.