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Working with Elemental Kingdom Experiences

Dear Beloveds;

In Shamanism; there are basically 3 dimension or worlds to work with. These are the Upper World, The Middle World and the Lower World. We were taught how to access these but first you

have the intention to obtain information to learn without Ego and protection with your Sacred Body and protection for the Earthly Body. There's a small cord that is connected to both.

Also, you can use your Power Animals to guide you. Usually, when you first learn to journey is what this is called to the other worlds/realms; you learn who you dominant power animal is or you ask the Archangel for protection and White Light to enfold you both physically and spiritually. You are to keep in mind the intention is to learn this...and return back to your Earthly Body.

Once you are grounded and start the above process; you call upon your Power Animal and Archangel or Protectors. They assist in reminding you to access the tools you are taught. The Upper World you access by taking an imaginary object that is sharp to pierce the upper realm by first finding a way to climb up to high point in the Earthly World and then it occurs.

The Upper World is the Angels, Saints, Sages, Ancestors of Pure Light, Cartoon Characters and Celestial Beings of Light. There you will learn about the beauty of high vibrational lessons due to your intent that Spirit has guided to explore. The Power Animal or Archangel or Protector will tell you go return to your body and you better listen or give you specific instructions to take action. This is for your own good to take from this world the energy you needed to transform your Earthly Body and return. The same for any World you visit. The Lower World is for shadow work and darkness within you that you know is triggered by some circumstances that give the illusion of lack, chaos and fury. This world is not Hell and is a space to honestly access by tunnels or portals to this world where again always ask for White Light and protection setting your intention to learn how to overcome and release the darkness/shadow that returns on occasion. You will meet different folks but you will be accompanied by a Power Animal which is your dominant one (not always the teacher in the north cardinal directions and you do have 4 directional if your belief system embraces this.) Follow what your Power Animal, Archangel or Protector says and return when told to do so.

The Middle World or Middle Earth is the Elemental Kingdom where you see fairies, elves, dwarves, etc. They assist in the delicate healing and balance of nature. Archangel Uriel is the angel most likely to work with in this realm. In my journey to understand these elementals; I read books about them by Doreen Virtue in her early days. Now she's a born again Christian. Anyway, if you love music, plants, spending time outdoors; you will enjoy this journey. I meditate often in my back yard to access the Middle World. I am told my home is a vortex. The trees and plants are my family and I try to honor them when visitors will do yard work, etc. Anyway, I have humming bird feeders or garden decorations and always pray for the healing of the Elementals and their Kin and thank them for healing the delicate balance of our nature. The fairies are light and airy and their presence may have dragon flies, moths and butterflies and finches. The elves are quite connected to each other and guarded and they sing at times and surround the trees for healing. The dwarves are stocky short and have deep voices and love working with crystals and fascinated with how a person may take care of Mother Earth. Garden gnomes have the symbols of mushrooms where they live in the yard. If you eat their homes without asking; maybe a thought there.

In this journey; Spirit asked me to see the Heaven we know of for these Elementals from a great tree which was Heaven to them in their Realm. I was able to enter by an old grand tree of ancient feelings I felt. There was a amusing way of seeing the entry was a arched wooden door that had a light turn green or red to signal that you could be approved to enter their piece of Heaven. The light turned green for me to enter! I went inside and saw the hallowed tree had spaces where the bark opened above to for a face. I heard wings fluttering around me as it was dark at first glance upon entry. I then saw fairies joyfully flying around and some on long makeshift swings in the upper portion of the great tree. I saw and heard them frolicking and laughing and the bade me to come see this statue of a woman's figure covered in colorful butterflies. It was me as my Spirit name when I started studying Shamanism translated to 'ButterflyChild.' Mind you my Mother raised me Catholic but I had broader spectrums I wanted to discover. In this, the butterflies flew off my Fairy Body and I was so small and then I was given wings to flutter as I became acclimated to maneuver in this vast tree and they created mead (natural wine) and served these in hallowed acorns for us to drink. My Power Animal is Jaguar and was protective saying: "Don't drink too much! Fairies like having fun and loose track of time and so will you if you don't pay attention. I will let you know when to return to your Earthly Body. I then heard and smelled moister earth below me deep throated voices of the dwarves and hear them mining the earth. I could hear them moving wheelbarrows of earth or crystals of the earth around. The elves again were more guarded so they quietly observed me as they are very close-knit community. Although I felt they were hesitant around me; they like dwelling on my back deck at times when the mid morning mist was out. They wanted to show me their world. I was having a great time with my wings and the Fairies but alas all good things come to an end. Party Jaguar said, "Time to return to your body." It was so interesting and thanked all of them for allowing me to visit their piece of Heaven/ their world. I returned back to my body and journaled what I had experienced.

As I was walking in the park one day, a strange woman whom I felt dwarf energy came up to me. Asked me if I worked with plants, I said not that much but had done small potted gardening. She asked me to look at the newly planted trees and what they needed. I said they need love, nutrients and water. She looked at me a long time and nodded then she walked away. I tried to find her but she was gone. It inspired me more to learn about the Elementals with Doreen Virtues books. Anyway, this is a small sharing of what I know of.

I hope you were informed. Many thanks for open minds and open hearts and being Love to the Earth that so much needs it from you and for yourself and between others. With Childlike Loving Light Hugs...Namaste.


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