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Working with Ghosts in my Lifetime to Assist into the Light

As I wrote a few blogs ago; I was able to see spirits after the death of my sister at 3 years old. I saw her body and her soul leave on an airplane leaving Bermuda.

As a baby; I couldn’t speak and saw orbs but couldn’t communicate and only cried. After my sister’s death we moved to a house. I heard many different time period voices of these at military housing in Fairchild Base in Washington. Where I started my Pre-K there. I was happy to be with other children to play. My brothers and I used to play outside. Things that we must maintain is curiosity and common sense with deductive thinking now and onwards. I used to climb a pear tree a neighbor had and make mud pies in the yard. We also had a swing set that was left there. I loved to swing from then onwards. My brother had friends and they roamed the neighborhood and we had bikes to ride up and down the streets.

When my sister died; my parents didn’t want to talk about it. No other children were planned and I used to hear different voices from her bedroom. I tried to run past her door as my room was at the end of the hallway. My Reiki Master for Level 2 used to say: “They were there for your Mom.” I didn’t know what to do with these voices.

Anyway, back to the airforce house; finally I went into the Masterbedroom without my Mom. I then laid on the bed as the voices of many different spirits and languages were talking. I asked them to speak louder as I couldn’t understand but they all spoke at once. I told them: “You are all talking at the same time and I don’t understand you.” I am going. I left and kept running past the door.

As time went on; we lived in various places and eventually I married and came to my first house. I just bore our son and we were living in an apartment. Our first home would be wonderful. It was so strange; this person loved pink in cabinets and had a nice room all pink even carpet. We bought the house and moved in. We started to have work done to update the house. I felt a presence watching. We had bought the house from an elderly couple. The husband died before the wife and she ended up in a senior home. As time went on we stayed in one bedroom and my mother-in-law stayed in the ‘pink’ bedroom. Our son was in the room next to ours. He used to cry and stand up. Maybe he could see her …the ghost and I would immediately get him. My son never speaks of these things and says he has no interest.

It was a period of time; when my Mother-in-law was left alone while I returned to corporate and my husband had a carpet cleaning business. She would try to care for my son but she was in her 70s and didn’t have that much energy. We son had to send him to daycare. She said when she slept; she heard knocking on her walls and windows. I tried not to scare her and said I will check when it happened when I was home. I knew it was the old woman trying to scare her because she was in her favorite room she used to sew in. She didn’t like that she was there. I would check in front of her to console her and tell her it may be a ghost but just pray. I then started to see my bedroom door was ajar so I could hear my son. The door started every night being slowly opened. She stood there in a floral dress and bun on top of her head and glasses; asking me: “Why are you here in my room?” every night. I finally asked her with my mind: “Why are you here? We bought the house because you are no longer alive.” She then finally asked me: “Will you take care of this house?” She was attached. I told her: “As you can see; we are renovating and making things new.” She asked: “How long will this take?” I told her: “I will ask my husband.” My husband wasn’t too keen about the knowledge of ghosts and referring to them. I then asked him: “When will the house be completed?” He told me in two months. She visited me at night asking the same questions and told her the same answers. I also told her: “My husband says in 2 months the house will be complete?” There were delays so she was asking me at night again: “When will this be complete?” I told her in a week or 2. When they completed the house renovations; she came a final time. There was also knocking in the basement as we found out from the neighbor the husband used to use the basement to do his hobbies and repairs. As we heard a person using tools both my Mother-in-law. I told her to see everything is done and wanted to ask her to take her husband because he wouldn’t engage with me as his free choice and she left so quickly that she left him there.

Over time; I had to console my Mother-in-law or open the basement door and ask if anyone was there so she could calm. Anyway, we rented the house to two ReikiMasters. They were drawn to the rental sign because of the energy in the house. My husband just started real estate and said, “This is the first I have heard of the energy in the house. I didn’t know Reiki at the time nor did he. Anyway, I knew he would love their energy and get him to leave. Later I spoke to them when I felt it was safe to ask if they heard any knocking in the basements or sounds?” They said, “No.” I knew he was gone. It takes certain energy to do things and don’t be egotistical to resolve everything because like us we all have preferences to eat, wear and make friends, etc. So the soul does still make that choice.

Anyway, we moved to another home and it was occupied by ghosts as well. They teased my Mother-in-law by turning the dimmer lights off and on. She was a person you had to motivate to mingle with other seniors and I got her to go to the senior center. I did tell her there were ghosts. I engaged with the teen boy and he was afraid to leave because his overbearing Mom would be angry at him. He soon got over it and left as we moved to our next house. He did try to pester me as a young teen does and scared my son and so we had a pact he could stay if he didn’t want to leave and be trapped in this house but never turn my dimmer off or scare my family. Then my daughter was born in that house and I found later she could see things as well. I had advised her what to do. My Reiki Master Level 2 told me how to determine the questions to pose to the deceased…how long have you slept, eaten or gone to the bathroom and feel no one hears or sees you? I used to have hawks and crows visit my home as well. My son was outside as I spoke to my Reiki Master Level 2 (he was a shaman from Canada who briefly did a workshop before a joined a shaman group a few years later on the 3 realms to access for healing) and my son was playing basketball and he said as I finished my call before coming out to check on him; he saw one, then red and then black circling up in the sky. By the time I came out; they disappeared. I told him "Wow!" That's cool or neat.

I did this clearing as a Mexican laborer died in the clearing of a plot of land in back of all the neighbors and my house. He came when I was pregnant with my daughter. I saw him walking through the yard past the wall into the front of my house. I asked neighbors if they saw anyone and they didn’t. I then felt a presence now following me around the house when my husband and son were out. I then talked to my Reiki Master Level 2 and he told me to engage with him. He spoke rapidly in Spanish and I studied some Spanish words to figure out. He was asking where my wife, kids and house were to return to his family. He kept asking me and then he refused to believe he died. I asked Spirit to show me how he died; he had been on a tall ladder and no one was there to hold it steady and he fell backwards and died. He had been dead many years and the place his family lived was no longer there…construction and they left for Mexico but died enroute in the treacherous desert.

I was hoping to clear the house before my daughter’s birth. I was watching “Sixth Sense,” a movie about a young boy who is a medium and had to cope on his own with his gifts. Anyway, there is a sentence said by a ghost recorded by the therapist that died and didn’t know he was dead helping the boy with his gifts. The ghose was saying in Spanish: “I don’t want to die.” I then said that’s it! And my husband was watching and didn't know and didn’t understand. I then said nevermind and the next morning he appeared. I was crossing my fingers and told him:” If I take you somewhere and you like it; you stay? If you don’t; (crossing my fingers) you can return.” He said, “Si! Si!. So through Shamanism I asked my power animal to assist and we all went towards the upperworld - Heaven. The clouds opened up and there was his wife so young and 2 young children holding their arms out to him! He went in tears to them and there he became one with his family and the light. Then I was leaving so fast but said to him: “Do you like what you see? You want to stay?” He said, “Si, si! Gracias mi angelita.” I told him: “De nada.” Boy I was so glad to have the house cleared for our daughter to arrive.

Then when my son was going to middle school; we had one in the loft and she was determined to stay and she showed how she died falling down the flight of stairs. She was stuck. She then eventually left after many years observing from the loft. I was in the midst of studying Shamanism and learned of different dimensions, healing techniques and different types of spiritualists and healers from different walks of life. So I learned we are diverse even in the energy and healing field. It takes research, understanding, learning and processing the teachings and guardianship with the Pure White Light/Holy Spirit & prayers to be guided to a pure light teacher or lesson to evolve ourselves.

Well, I hope you found this an interesting story of my experiences with spirits. I have done house cleanings at different homes of people I trust and clean my home frequently. Well, that’s all.


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