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Working with the Dying Animals, People and Plants

Hello Loved Ones;

Sometimes we are challenged as earth dwellers to acknowledge that death and life are in union with each other. Somehow and somewhere there is death as the companion to life. We do not understand this unless we experience duality. I have worked with dying folks and animals and yes plants.

They all and we have a life force. We are never guaranteed how the journey in thorough detail will be once we incarnate in flesh, fur, scales, gills or hoof, paw or claws or wings. We are guaranteed an experience of growth and the experience of growth is the acceptance that this duality and lesson is inevitable close to our hearts and from our journey with passion.

Passion is the instrument and teacher with it’s companion as focus/clarity and commitment.

In order to achieve your dreams; finding the awareness, truth in capability and seeing both strengths and weaknesses has to occur. We find that were we are strong the duality is where we are weak. We find that we are not perfect but we find that we learn to love ourselves is the perfection. We find that our illusion of separateness is our union within oneness.

Life is duality all around. When I was working with animals; the lessons were spontaneous but now I know it was in divine timing.

For example, my pet dog was a shepherd mix. I groomed and fed him and we had a bond. He seemed to cry when I cried and would lick my face whining feeling my emotions. He apologized for doing destructive things that led to the need for attention. He would open the doors with his paw to get out and he would sit on the couch like a human. He was like a family member.

As I dated my husband, he would be in anguish when I was leaving him behind to relocate out of state where the apartment complex did not allow pets. I was very distraught and as I said

My goodbyes to my dog; he didn’t want me to leave. I petted and hugged him and said I will come back. He told me that I would not. I told him with my mind that I couldn’t take him where I was going to live for now. His anguish was in his sound of me leaving and running to the car and I cried and he cried with anguished sounds. My beloved said we could visit him.

As months passed; I then saw his spirit come to me in my apartment saying that I left him and he was coming to be with me forever. I knew he died. I then called the next morning to ask my Dad: What had happened to Sam? How was Sam?” He couldn’t answer me. I asked again and told him he visited me last night. My Dad said, “He died! Told me he didn’t want to tell me.” I told him: “Now I know!

Other times my children had friends that had pets. One friend had a boxer. It was a female. I visited with my daughter’s parents as my daughter and their daughter were friends. The dog would come as soon as I sat down and ask me for energy (with it’s mind). I would pet and do Reiki energy and it sat still for me. I would visit often and the dog would do the same thing. I knew it was sick. I asked the dog if telling the owners with their permission was their wish and this time with this dog told me: “No!” I agreed and then it would literally lay against my leg and I would give it a hug like my own dogs in the past. Any size dog has laid on my leg while I sit upright in a chair for a hug or a massage or loving touch.

In time, I felt a weakness in the dog but the family was very unaware and closed to my abilities.

It came one last time; the dog told me the next time I visited that: “It didn’t need any healing. It was time to go.” It surrendered to the process of life.

Usually the pet becomes withdrawn and less territorial and quiet. The animals seem to accept the fate of surrendering from physical to spiritual form. To the pet owners; it is saddening and heart wrenching. We have to be present in the end as in life for each other, human, animal and plants seem to just flow with life and death. Acceptance is quite easy.

When we want to help our plants; we give it food, water and sunlight it needs. At times I used to work with crystals placed on my plants and they thrived and asked the elementals of the plants to help heal it if needed and prayed for the elementals' work showing gratitude for their contributions to the life force through service in Pure Light.

In order to be present in life; we must be present in death and take the steps to prepare ourselves with the mindset that the physical is only a dimension of state of being. We are a spiritual being. That this does not mean to neglect oneself or our pets and leave it only up to God. It is a service of compassion taking on an animal, caring for a human being or plant. This is the cycle of life and living life with compassion, acceptance whatever state of being...that we are sacred and eternally part of the Light Creator. Much love and hope this comforts anyone it may apply to. Namaste, Peace to You, Thank you for Being here!


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