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Working with the Goddess of Anger - Sekhmet

Dear Loved Ones;

The Egyptian Goddess of Anger is here with us these last few years. Have you felt so much rage that you fueled into something destructive or constructive? Anger in a destructive way pushes everyone away from you and if your anger is not addressed; then you will recoil like a wild animal unable to reason or heal by taking your fangs and claws out and end up feeling alone. However, if anger is used in a constructive way; we stand up for our rights or stay o a path less resisted on our goals and plans with passion for ourselves unfettered by discouragement or times we fall or need to rethink slight changes to our approach. This is the positive of anger.

Anger is the lack of feeling loved, seen and heard. If you have been in an unhealthy dynamic where you were told and taught for that person's lack of owning their anger and what really triggered it. They make a point to make you feel less of yourself or the blame for your outbursts. This makes no sense is makes the receiver feel as if they walk on eggs shells and silently resent you so you can feel 'better' about yourself. Undoubtedly, it is time to reflect on what is anger stemming from with honesty. Sometimes, the situation is not a willing discussion to reveal why and more a wall is put up if the person is made to feel that it would not make any difference. Unfortunately, these are damaged souls but not unrepairable.