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Working with the Goddess of Justice & Christlike Cloak

Dear Goddess Lovers;

In the period of time; my Beloved has had challenges in court over the universal lessons of helping people fight for their rights of quality, life and existence. He was dragged into court because of various reasons but mostly corporate greed, racism and old systems of judgment.

At times like these, I appeal to the Goddess of Justice to assist in these matters and the Christlike Cloak to enfold all that are in service of the law from both sides. I appeal to the Goddess because I ask the person's heart and higher self if I can speak from my own to ask their commitment to justice and as their dedication to it for all. I ask the Goddess to sit in the judge's chair to help reinforce what he/she agrees to adhere to truth and justice especially when there's corruption involved.

The Christlike Cloak is the Compassion Energy to appeal to all to adhere to request their hearts in belief of compassion and if they agree; then the truth will prevail in both sides of the defense and offense attorney and parties involved. There were times I asked each heart that if they believed in truth; then they could not adhere to lies or deceit for the belief in this in their heart and soul. They would agree. At times they would try to testify and stutter when about to lie. They were not able to lie to the judge as the judge would wait patiently for them to start and be frustrated as they couldn't get a word out of lies. Then the judge would tell them to straighten up and if they couldn't continue; the judge would tell them the case was dismissed. It was a long process of years of continuous battles with a city and their different departments that would lie & use racial slurs and testify lies under oath in the past.

I had nothing to do with the ones who did lie as I heard unfortunate things happen to them. Heart attack, illness and accidents. It was their karma and I had never met the ones prior to being unaware of the previous court appearances of their lies. It wasn't till I felt my husband's soul being taken to a dark place and affecting him as the years passed on. I then committed my self to light candles from his leaving to his entry back over state line to me that my energy was protection energy during his journeys. The Goddess of Justice and Truth helped me later on as this dragged on for years. I prayed for protection, truth and justice and to help him inspire those minorities whose rights were taken away illegally to fight for their properties.

It was a blessing as the final straw was made to leave him alone and he sold the property at near the price he wanted. It was a relief for me, my Beloved and our family. It was the dark night of the soul for all of us and keeping the Light on as best I could was done as Spirit told me in 5 years you had learned enough spiritually to assist your family and it will be hard.

Yes, it was hard and many health ailments afflicted my family, my Beloved and my children of different types from this darkness affecting their mental state and manifesting disease. I was the driver, appointment maker and financial person and cook for all remedies. It was my turn taken in sadness to be ill in my heart for this long standing transformation for all of us.

I prayed for peace, for resolution for truth and justice and compassionate Christlike love and thanked the Goddess of Truth and Justice for her assistance. This tool was used when something similar rose again from another smaller but similar situation in our home state. Appealing for the Goddess of Justice and Truth and Compassion in the Judge's heart and the staff and police was essential. What was untruth caused the people causing the issue to stammer or forget and unable to speak lies fluidly as the judge became annoyed at this and their inability to be clear and do their jobs effectively.

My Beloved tries to bring me over to these meetings or court if he has battled many times and racism gets in the way and deceit. I don't guarantee anything and Spirit is in charge. All I do is ask and show gratitude for all even if the person physically participates in truth, justice and compassion as I recognize both the earthly and heavenly interventions as a grace from above. How humbling to be able to do the work needed to gain peace as my life journey even in my own personal life.

Other times I am there to see the true ugliness that we must rid of and witness this to remind me there's work to do and intervention of grace is asked. I am just sharing this possibility since you believe in prayer and prayers are powerful. Do not forget God in good or challenging times. Much love.


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