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Working with the New Zealand Crystals (Moari Tribe)

Beautiful day to learn working with a Native Elder who was granted permission to teach the Ancient Moari Tribal Crystal Healing method to our class today 6/6/2004. l utilize this graced and gifted set from a Native Elder who sold me the set he originally trained me on. There's a blog about this and the whale rider in earlier posts. Spirit led me to this wisdom as his booth was situated next to me at a Body Mind Spirit Expo in real time and told by Spirit he would be my next lesson of light and progression on Earth.

Archangel (AA) Michael told me that the journey with Spirit would go well as this was a new modality to learn from and soak in the teachings. Then I went higher in the Heavens to see the Elder Moari Woman (Lineage Keeper of this Crystal Healing). She has long salt and pepper hair with Native wool poncho type designs of brown broad stripes and black on neutral colored dress and tattoos on her chin. Accompanying the Elder Moari Crystal Lineage Keeper is the Goddess Isis (Mother Goddess and Alchemist). Both Feminine Lights hugged me. A song came in "This Little Light of Mine; I'm Gonna Let It Shine and the line is repeated to me and I let it Shine. LOL. Isis continued to speak to me: "Just like the song; you've got to shine."

I went to the Heavens and shape-shifted as a Phoenix (Healer of all with its tears) into a Volcano (dormant volcano to Underworld work in other blogs) and merged with the lava. I felt what lava was as fluid and hot and no burning or pain at all.

The lava pool was a Sun of Mother Earth and then there was another Sun outside in the Skies above the Volcano (this is a dormant volcano in the Underworld). Then the 2 Suns had a beam of Light of golden color between them. I was told that one of the Feminine and the other Masculine energy but not a choice was necessary as both were necessary in balance. I travelled up the beam in the form of golden Lava-light. Then as soon as one of the students put the Rainbow Obsidian on my belly as he was laying out and practicing the session with the class; I became a lava ocean and felt waving motions.

Then Archangel (AA) Michael pointed his Sword to pierce into the abdomen of my lava shape and he said, "Now travel up my Sword." I traveled up as Lava-light up this Sword and the he said, "Now go back to your body!" I went back towards my body in the form of White Light. I grounded and opened my eyes. Another student with the other student held space as they looked at me. He timed me & shared that with the other man (this man was a chiropractor who saw me at a psychic booth and challenged me with a macho inspiration to learn and use my gifts very quickly and he became friends after I gave him tearful revelations and Spirit's message in another blog of my gifts). I hate when people time me. So into the earthly time of measure of achievement we must forget the time but focus on the healing/growth and lesson. I called it this super sonic journeying practice session. Praise the Creator for the messages, visions and love with Divine Guidance and All involved.


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