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Working with the Sky Gods

When I was 5 years old; we lived in Las Vegas, Nevada. We lived in a double wide trailers as the only casinos were Circus Circus and Stardust and one other. We had these mini spaces where people stayed in room rentals across the street and there were not many people living there.

My father relocated there after living in Washington State to start a new life. We would take road trips in the old station wagon that had wooden panels on the side to see my grandparents in Tucson, AZ. Most people who were in military travelled more by car. It was a way to experience the USA and cheaper.

Now Washington State was a lush place with greenery. I remember climbing pear trees and making mud pies and swinging on swing sets at the age. It was where we came from Bermuda after my sister died on the plane over lung complications and neglect of the doctor on base.

I remember my father used to hunt, kayak and fish on his own and we didn't go hungry. He taught my mother American dishes to cook. Mom would love her Saturdays scary movie nights and Dad would cook homemade meatballs and spaghetti or meatloaf or roast beef and mashed potatoes and make home made banana splits or have French onion dip and Ruffles potato chips.

I remember the desert in Las Vegas was so different and so many sahuaro cacti and other varieties I would soon learn later when I moved to Arizona. I remember in this trailer park there was a recreation center and the landlord asked my Dad to get it fixed up and set up. He did a great job. He was a carpenter and good at woodworking. I remember the howls of the coyote in the desert behind us and the windstorms that shook our trailer. We also heard the youngsters on dune-buggies behind us at night shooting at the coyote's and one ended up dying on our cooler and Dad had to take care of it.

The other thing my parents loved was Western movies like John Wayne and other series of Western shows. We used to watch them and the Indians they portrayed in the movies. I used to wonder if this was true about the Natives they portrayed. My Dad never mentioned anything. I used to wonder about the jokes made about rain dances in the movies. I watched a recent one and looked out at the sky.

The sun was shining and I was bored and started to do the rain dance never taught to me. My Mom would poke her head out the trailer door and asked: "What I was doin?" I said, "I am doing a rain dance." After awhile, Dad poked his head out the door and did the same and thought it was cute as I answered the same way to him and continued my dedication for a rain dance and the clouds came in and it covered the sun and started to rain. My Dad and Mom always had that look at each other when something happened.

I was a child and saw experiencing life in a playful mode. That's the best way to learn something. I was glad they never told me at that time that I needed to stop and come inside. There was no limitation.

It is possible to try and connect to the elements and be experimental and respectful of the elements. You come from the the Creator and are part of everything you see, taste, touch and smell and hear. Keep your mind open and unlimited and learn with respect. It is the best way to connect to all Divinity that you are part of anyway.

Hope you enjoyed my story on the Sky Gods. Until next blog.


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