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Working with Your Spirit Guides

Hello My Loves;

What a blessing to know you have an unseen (to most folks lol) a Spiritual Entourage with you throughout your lives. There are times we have accumulated Spirit Guides from life times. This is when we met a healer at the old Horizon Healing Center and had us access

the many lifetimes of Spirit Guides. It seemed like a line of them waiting to serve you. Instead you were asked that they ascend for their purpose from other lifetimes was finished to to retain your current ones. Like your Angels, you have Spirit Guides. The difference is that Spirit Guides have been manifested in flesh and experienced human emotions. Some are friends or loved ones from other life times. You can see sometimes their periodic dress. I read Sylvia Browne's book on meeting your Spirit Guides. It was fascinating as they do give clues to their existence to you.

If you wish to meet your Spirit Guides; let's try one at a time my Beloved. Ask for signs in dreams or walking life. Maybe it could be a cultural piece of music, jewelry, accessory or a interest in a certain time period as well and sometimes the guidance maybe going to a place or festival or show of that period. You just have this fascination or comfort in this choice. You may be intrigued by a certain ceremony like tea ceremony as in the Japanese culture with me. Flower arranging but sometimes it's like your soul is interested to refresh your cellular memory but its like been there and done that and next.

Sometimes, a person may remind you of that time period or food, incense or language. The Spirit Guide's purpose is to guide you and advise you. However, Spirit Guides do have personal opinions and have ties to their experience and may passionately advise you to do things or think things in your best interest. You must ask if this feels right for you as they are basing their advise on their personal experience that may not resonate with you but emotionally only resonates. If you know that it's their opinion by simply asking them. But first you must connect by asking for the signs and maybe in dreams or meditations. Ask them for pure light protectors and these items may show up. For me; the Spirit Guide serves some purpose in your life and then moves on. It is possible in the current life time. I had a Spirit Guide that was a biker and wanted to protect me when I was abused. He took me on a wild motorcycle rides in the dream and wore a black leather jacket with salt and pepper hair and smoked. He called me "Baby." When I was through healing with Shamanism; he said in the next dream that he was going and rode off as his purpose was finished as he knew his job was done. At other times; I would get a symbol of my Spirit Guide from Africa. She was from the tribe called the Massai. She wore the beaded collar around her neck of black, white, yellow and red and danced hopping up and down. I had worked on my meditational prayers to see her but it was a bit too soon as she started to manifest in front of me starting with her dark skinned hand on the door frame and started forming. It was scary but I asked gently for her to appear another way. She did in meditations. She was my old friend and she informed me that I loved to dance. I was eaten by a lion she said. Every time when I did ceremonial dance or Shamanic dance; I could feel her and she really loved dancing.

Other times a Spirit Guide maybe a maternal or paternal figure type. One of my Spirit Guides is from 16th Century Ireland. My past life with her and she loves baking cookies when I have a sad day. Sometimes, when you are aware when you meet another person I used to speak in the accent I picked up their past life or ancestor line and they would respond to me without a blink not noticing the accent. Other times they maybe a wise person in the old life community who ascended to advise you to remember and get over some humps in life that stopped that you may feel or experience. Remember, they can only reference their experience which may not translate to yours. Ask a question: "Does this feel like something that is my opinion and is related to what I feel?" This should address any confusion. The Spirit Guide maybe someone you had been in service with. Someone who admired you and loved you. Wants the best for you but again the reference point is only the physical life experiences.

Try meditational prayers to give you clue in the gentlest form to see and hear your Spirit Guide and it may take 1 to 3 months of dedicational prayer. Enjoy the knowledge that you are never alone. Your Angels as I said will be direct and tell you the straight up answer whether you want to hear it or not. They are there to guard you from any type of darkness and call upon them. Sometimes, you can do the same meditation exercise to see them and their purpose. Angels do come and go and have a purpose. I had one address a relative that had breast cancer and was their awaiting service to the upper realm. As I said, all are assigned from above. Remember to give thanks to your Spiritual Entourage and have gratitude for their assignment to assist in your best self forward of course in Pure Light

. I hope this helps you. Much love.


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