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Yellow Tiger Goddess - Kuan Yin Helping to Assist You in Forgiveness Flowing into Standing in Truth

August 30, 2019 | Blue Thunder

Beloveds! Forgiveness is essential. In this Storytelling Sound Heal with the Yellow Tiger Goddess it was time to release any pain caused by a person or situation by forgiveness. It’s like a cell caging you in the past  that doesn’t allow you freedom into your personal power! Having the courage to see things and you as they are and dedication of time and focus in standing in your truth knowing the Universal Forces are in alignment with your Divine.In this journey with your Sacred body as your Earthly relaxed and rooted and released any other energies except your own; after breathing in a salmon colored light entering the top of your head into your body and cells and wrapping it as a cushion surrounding you; you felt the healing color of a crystal of forgiveness of the rhodochrosite. Once we breathed this into our mental and physical body; we ended up in an exotic land with exotic aromas from the slowest and it smelled like incense and exotic herbs on a sunny day.  You looked at the soil  and your bare feet and saw a jungle near you! As you walked through the jungle; a sound of a sitar (stringed instrument from India) was being played that drew you nearer as you walked carefully through the jungle taking your awareness of your surroundings. The Yellow Tiger Kuan Yin playing a Sitar  sitting beside her a Tiger. The symbol of courage, protect ion and personal power. The Goddess summoned the Tiger to approach you for assistance into standing in your truth and personal power. The powerful exotic animal bowed in front of you as you are Divine and then laid down. The Yellow Tiger Goddess ask you to sit on the Tiger without fear or worry. In Tantric Buddhism, the tiger is the symbol or courage, protection and personal power. She said to sit comfortably and breath as one in the same rhythm of it's heart its power as your own to own your personal power.  You sat and felt a union of energy with the Tiger. As you thought of the thing, situation and person to forgive; it opened up the layers of you standing in your truth. Each breath you became the Truth finally freed from a cell of pain that blocked you in standing and moving forward at time is was a ball and chain around your leg and all this illusion was dissolved. When you felt yourself so strongly, you realized that no one and nothing can deter you from who you are standing in your Truth. You thanked the Yellow Tiger Goddess for her lesson and the Tiger for it's gentleness and returned back into the zen room into your earthly body to carry on in standing in your Truth. You are truly divine and the Universe is waiting for you to come and be present in the now to do the passion and what you are Divinely designed to do. Thank you, Namaste and Peace to You.   An extra exercise in this meditation is standing up with your two feet hip width apart and in a yoga pose called mountain pose and make sure each corner of your feet are balanced and connected by Standing in your Truth and then stick out your tongue and place your hands in tiger position and do your 'Roar" announcing you have finally arrived. Welcome back my Beloveds. Good work and continue to do this for any forgiveness but most importantly; forgive yourself in holding on to pain and being distrancted and into the now of personal power and gratitude for having the courage to move on and remain always in your Truth. Much Much Love! This storytelling was from the Kuan Yin Oracle. Thank you Goddess.


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