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Be Part of Oneness

My life journey reflects many lessons in synchronicity with the Universe. How we talk to ourselves is how we feel about ourselves and our behavior defines who we are. How do we show up in the Light? By being real with the imperfections and darkness inside of us. Have we honored ourselves by stating limitations and what appreciation of our strengths and what we work towards. Sure there will be triggers but is it our own impatience causing us the stress or depression in the trust in what Spirit is guiding towards on our path? Our we in gratitude? Are we depressed about the past that no longer is there but we carry like a backpack of burden? Or do we move forward in the Now. Do you have anxiety from what may come? Have we not been witnessing the self transformation or have we lost ourselves to outer influences and opinions of others that do no resonate our Divinity, our work and our manifestations. Stay on track. Don't slap yourself; love yourself to acknowledge you can get back on track. Say loving things to encourage back to the manifestation of what you are creating with Pure Intent, Pure Heart and Patience. Oh my God/Goddess in this ever moving world of speed; slow down and be ONE with the world. Turn off the phone, turn off the t.v. and radio, etc. Be ONE and Oneness allow to dwell in you. You are part of it.

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