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What is Energy Vampiring?

What is energy vampiring? It is the false intention that you can obtain another's gifts or energy as your own to become what you admire of them by taking, psychically attacking without permission and the false lack of recognition of your own gifts to develop or appreciate. It is when you energetically visit another's private space or follow them and you can feel a presence following you and also they can appear as a harmless person or being and then suddenly attack at your power center. It is also a time they try visiting you dream time or when you are about to go into a trance like state or journey and before going I can see their form. At first, you think it harmless but do not journey, follow or respond and protect yourself with pure white light as your shield and tell them loudly to leave and love have your own power, energy yet to discover. It is egocentric to do this. My story is it was done by a team that wanted my powers many years ago. Falsely believing that if one couldn't do it then two could. I saw their power animal appear as a white wolf nipping at my solar plexus but in inappropriate times of my space, bathroom, bedroom and areas where I meditated. My solution was to let our spiritual leader of us know. There was a psychic surgery of removing energetic cords to the person being used to get me. The leader asked us to drum and rattle a protective web so he could do the surgery. The person being worked on screamed in pain of the removal. No blood. Then we had words before and pointed out that you did not love me and you cannot take part of me as you must honor your own body and energy. The person left the healing circle to address some calamaties in life and the other never permitted to come to circle which didn't come to circle about the issue at all and had no conscience. Then proceeded to stalk me by me going other healing centers and book a spot for my healing but recognized the voice on voicemail. Changed my tel. no. and left that space. I was then accused by others of my gifts that I was bad energy. I took it again as Spirit guiding me that my learning was done and the next pure light lesson was in the future at some point. I am still haunted by the sight of seeing the person. It brought back memories but felt the person has changed. I hope we can be at peace and leave each other's energy alone. I believe in change and healing. Anyway, people don't understand what energy vampiring is..if you feel off next to the person, sick, confused and if you have the truth and protect and tell that person get out of my energy field. I have been in circles where jealousy destroys the circle and been accused of being a bad energy. I don't need to be in circles where people cannot accept me. I accept them but it's peace and understanding and compassion that need to occur along with respect. This is my lesson lately working through.

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