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Self-Commitment to Your Beliefs

Are you who you think you are? Are you what you are born into? What you do for a living? Your certificates and degrees? The labels your family or friends tell you who you are? Are you what your teachers or leaders tell you who you are? It is time to see if what you think you are is what you really are by asking yourself this important question out of self love.

Hello Self-Committers of Your Beliefs. It was a wonderful night storytelling and mentoring you with crystal bowls. Our intention to identify our own Belief of who we are. We are working the Universal Lesson of the Time with the Etruscan Goddess MInerva...who works with medicine, intellect, artisans and identifying, changing your beliefs or tossing those that do not nurture and empower you. We breath in clarity of white light into our bodies as our spines lay on the floor to develop tiny roots traveling into Mother Earth. We breath in this clarity of white light over and over again deeply and release any and all that does not service us in our beliefs. We are not what our culture tells us, we are not our religious instruction, education certificates, and titles. We are not who our family labeled us to believe we are. We are not what others who taught us in victory or falls of who we are. We are the belief of our own Divinity and that is the Warrior you are of Truth. Your Pure Light helpers are here in the room to assist, guide and guard both your Earthly and Sacred bodies. Awww, a blessing to gift ourselves a time to revisit our mind's growth by seeing our expansion in mind, body and spirit. Minerva comes from the word the "Mind." She is here to teach you what you need to re-discover of yourself. As you breath gently now a warm soft pink light of self love is breathed in and into our third eye in the center of our foreheads and into our body and heart. Feeling this self loving light increase with each heart beat is essential to our self-commitment. As our earthly body relaxes; our sacred goes to a space and time in Ancient Rome...we are at the front of a Roman Temple with huge columns of marble and there we stand on its steps. It is a sunny day and we look to the front of the outside of this temple and see a beautiful garden and in the center a cauldron or fire pit elevated and black with golden markings. This is the eternal flame of Minerva's that represents Light Wisdom. It is a beautiful place and the Goddess Minerva comes to you. She tells you it is time to discover what your beliefs are. She has long black hair and olive skin with a headdress of a huge owl for intellect on hear head. She wears around her shoulders the metal snake patterns that are the symbol oracles. She tells you that the temple is the Library of Wisdom. It is time to enter this temple. You look down upon yourself and you are dressed like a Roman in tunic and sandals. You enter the Library and there vast hallways is lined with tapestries of history and stories. You hear your footsteps walking down the hallway to a room where many shelves of books in the Library of Ancient Wisdom is kept. Minerva tells you that your Beliefs are on one of the shelves. You walk in between aisles searching for the right spot and there you see a box that is familiar to you. You look at the box and outside in Roman letters is your first and last name. You see the markings that are representing of you and inside are your Beliefs. You take the box and sit down and open it looking at the Beliefs you kept...Are they nurturing and empowering to you? Are they someone else's? If they are not of yours toss these out. If they are; keep them and as you grow perhaps some can be added to or edited in your mind, body and soul growth in life. You know you grow up as a infant to adult and like your beliefs; you outgrow these over time. You do not need to feel pressured to toss out those you are not ready nor replace what you toss immediately. Take your time seeing your beliefs are you and be committed to you. You are clear and self loving to take this time for you. As you finish reviewing your Beliefs....your feel stronger in the sense of your beliefs and self commitment to take this feeling and experience back into your earthly body. You will be tested and you will reaffirm your self commitment to your best self forward. Sometimes, we are without a doubt fulfill our beliefs or so we call these archetypes...but there is no set archetypal fit that fits everyone. Know real and so you. You leave the box to retrieve any time and you leave the temple and there is the Goddess Minerva waiting for you. It is unnoticed at your first arrival that olive trees surround this temple and garden and she has weaved an olive tree crown for you as a parting gift. You smell the green olives scent in the air and you thank Minerva and think of a gift for lesson to us by going through the garden and retrieving a token of gratitude. She tells you to revisit any time needed. You go back to your earthly body and then I gong you into awakening merging body, mind and soul again.

Suggested exercise: Another exercise is taking and creating a "Belief Box" and putting your beliefs in there as you create it; you will find yourself reviewing, revising or tossing in this exercise. As a ceremony or ritual; you may take the tossed pieces and cast them into a fire on concrete to be released as I do on several time of the four seasons. What an honor and thank you for your presence. Namaste, Peace to you and Thank you.

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