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Bring back Bliss and Ecstasy in Your Life

Hello my Dears! I wanted to cover the meditation regarding the Universal Lesson of the time from the Goddess Eurynome. She is the Pre-Hellenic Goddess of all. She created by her own manifestation the universe. Dressed in toga and raven dark hair...she is forever dancing with ecstasy and bliss. She asks you how long has it been since you felt bliss and joy in your life? Have you been bogged down by the illusion of what you do and your many tasks to measure your value in the Universe? Your mind has the power to choose the Light in Joy/Bliss or Ecstasy or Darkness in Stagnancy.

In this journey to your Sacred Self; you breathed in peace and relaxed every muscle and bone in your body. You started with your face and forehead, cheeks and jaw and chin. Then you continued to relax grounding yourself like a tree that lets out all that does not empower you. You kept breathing peace like a slow moving ocean wave into your lungs and belly and releasing this through your mouth. Continue this wave like breathing peace a few more times. Then asked you to breath gently and relaxed. A gift a peace and bliss in a safe and sacred space. Your Pure Light Helpers guided, guarded and supported you in this journey to your bliss, your joy and your ecstasy.

You were transported to a lush jungle as you smelled the moist earth and looked down to see your bare-feet touching this comfortable earth that was powdery and soft beneath your feet. You looked around and saw the exotic trees, plants, shrubs and flowers. You saw the exotic and heard the life in the trees and on the earth. The sun warmed the soil and brushed against your skin. It was a paradise. A place of serenity and you smelled the exotic flowers.