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Embrace Your Aging with Kindness

Are we programmed to always seek youth? It is something to think about how we use all kinds of products, procedures and diets to look youthful. Why do we seem to try to avoid progression in age? As long as we try to keep ourselves healthy mind-body & spirit why dread the luxury of aging in grace and acceptance instead of dread? To love yourself as you adjust your diets, your exercise and self care to be kinder and wiser is an honor. It is the natural process of life. We have lived to be infants dependent on our caregivers, then childhood, adulthood and now elderly ready to share what we've learned and how history has been and is changed into the now. How we can be more understanding of the stages in life and truthful about our triumphs and challenges that we overcame or are in the works. Aging is nothing to be ashamed of. We are constantly evolving and sharing what we know is of value to younger generations. Try taking time to dialogue without the phone or laptop or selfies but being real in conversations of interest and curiosity. It is a pleasure to see young and old engaging and learning from each other in ways that are always most valued face to face. Enjoy the time you age and keep learning, adjusting, sharing and evolving. Celebrate your life in entirety from birth into the Light. This is Divinity focused on our path or growing and then surrender. Enjoy every moment with laughter, gratitude, wonder and appreciation. The inner child like heart is the most healing way to live your life. Many thanks and be the inner child with each other no matter what age. Explore, learn, laugh and be.

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