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Seat of Compassion- Working with Turquoise Lotus Kuan Yin

Tonight was a beautiful healing of releasing karmic ties, mental clarity and letting go. If you have been with people in work, school, family or friends you seem to walk away frustrated by putting so much time and focus into it; leaves you feeling the pain and anxiety over and over again without resolution? Then it is time you let it go and move into the growth in your divinity! In other words; you've learned enough and stop draining your energy and cope differently and move forward in higher vibration.

The Goddess of Compassion - Turquoise Lotus Goddess shall assist you in this release of karmic ties healing. As we breathed in our lungs through our nose; we imagined ourselves rooted and grounded into Mother Earth our supporter and nurturer; we saw the soft pink light of self love like the rose quartz crystal stone enter the top of our head into and swirl around our body and breathed this in a few times until we saw it in our cells. We come from love and are love. Self love is empowering not egotistical and gives a sense of clarity to walk our path and fulfill our passions. Instead of looking for love outside of us the most powerful is having the love inside and connection to our being.

Our pure light helpers assisted, guarded and guided us as our earthly body was grounded. Then our sacred body travelled into an orchard of cherry blossom trees. It was a sunny day and you smelled the cherry blossoms in the air. We heard water flowing from fountains filled with koi fish. We looked down at our feet and saw a path that led to an Asian temple made of white agate stone with an Asian curved rooftop which is the stone of clarity and brings love into the chakras and creates ability of taking spiritual experiences into earthly manifestations.

You continued to walk up the stairs into a chamber where you saw a throne made of turquoise stone. The Turquoise Lotus Goddess entered and sat in her throne. She had a crown of silver and turquoise and bracelets as well. She looked at you with kind eyes and her look made you feel her compassion from her into you with acceptance. Turquoise is the stone of blessings and protection. She had an ornate box and said that it was time to release your karmic ties and receive a healing and she would assist you! She opened the box and walked towards you and there was a Golden Lotus that hovered above her hand. It started to spin golden light with turquoise flecks. The healing needed to enter your physical body and energetic body. The Lotus spun gently around the crown chakra. It was removing mental restrictions and karmic ties as you saw these. Then it continued to heal your third eye and throat landing, for awhile, in your heart dissolving any unhealthy ties and the compassion increased in your heart with every beat.

Finally, you allowed the light of Compassion from the Lotus to land at your root chakra. This was your Seat of Compassion as you’ve always had this ability to let go and reach a higher vibration. You thank the Goddess for her Merciful lesson and healing. She gifted you this tool of the spinning gently golden lit lotus with turquoise flecks to utilize to revisit as needed for any remaining karmic ties that were not released.

With gratitude; you took thus energy back to your earthly body to fulfill your passion and transformation. You did beautiful work! Continue your soul expansive journey if at any time you need to revisit this karmic tie healing with the Light of Compassion Lotus. Thank you and Namaste. Peace and Compassionate Hugs to All!

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