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Foresight Guided by Black Bear and the Teacher is the Bald Eagle

Hello Positive Foresight Manifestors! It was a pleasure to serve and channel the Universal Light Lesson. Inspired by the trip from Canada; Spirit showed me a beautiful story to share

for the goal of the intention in this Storytelling Sound Heal with me am honored.

It was 9/11 and we learned that the bear is a magical and healing medicine in our lives.

The symbol of death, rebirth and renewal as it readies itself for winter and feeds and forages in the forest to build the fat for it's long slumber during the winter months. It's a warrior and territorial and protector of those considered family. It heals with plant medicine

and stands upright. To Natives, the Bear is a healer and encourages you to heal whatever parts of you need it right now.

Native tradition and sculptures show a bear and human together as a healing totem

and hands held open and upright. The open faced hands mean "welcome and no harm" gesture. The salmon in baskets is a symbol of abundance.

As you breathed in a sparkling green emerald light into you body and it then continued to land into your heart and swirl around it inside and outside; you breathed it in every cell and your body grew roots to connect to Mother Earth. You began to relax in this breathing and grounding and finally breathed softly and gently. Your Pure Light Helpers were here to guide, guard and support both your Earthly body as your Sacred went on a journey. You could obtain your power animal, if you had one, but keep in mind the Guide to follow is the Bear. It is a Black Bear.

As your Sacred body traveled to an end of a trail at the foot of a great forest; you saw a huge Black Bear coming towards you. It was standing upright and came closer without growling with out threatening sounds with paws open facing you in welcome to it's home. It would be your protection on this journey. It swung its head pointing in the direction to follow.

It got on all fours and began to pick up its pace and you followed without fear and trust. As it began to run; other bears came alongside you and the Bear of all sizes and ran alongside you and your Guide Bear. The stopped at a clearing as a bear loves to forage and replenish themselves with local blackberry bushes and ate. You had the sweet berries yourself. The Bear was teaching you how it lives in this journey. Then you smelled the mountain air so fresh and clean and the mid day was upon you. The Bear wanted to do this journey before the sunset.

You saw great pine and fir trees and smelled the aroma of the plants and earth. There was a glacial river formed from water dripping down a mountain into this river. It was so inviting as the bears all needed to feed on the local Salmon. It was spawning season for the Salmon. It traveled every year to its birth place as its ancestors did before. It was essential to pass on the Salmon clan and breed. Salmon are totally focused but alas this is the food chain. The Bears ate and your Guide Bear offered you one and you refused. However, you sank and swam in this glacial pure water that relaxed your muscles in it healing waters. It felt good.

Your Guide Bear motioned and grunted it was time to move on before dark. All the bears assembled alongside the Bear and you to run to its final destination for your spiritual journey to begin. It was to the great & majestic Bald Eagle. The symbol of power, courage, foresight and light wisdom. Have you felt unclear in your life journey? Have you only been blocked to see your goals, your relationships are not possible by the illusion of other influences of negatives and darkness? Do you feel a burden is bringing you down? It is time to let go of these burdens and falsities.

You arrive at an area where many tall pines and fir trees that are so very tall enough for the Bald Eagle to nest. The Bear stops at the tree and motions by walking towards the tree and putting its paws around in climbing gesture. It grunts to motion you to climb. You are hesitant because you usually do not climb trees so tall. The Bear is a protector and is right behind you grunting and pushing you up with it's head and paw in gentle grunts to focus

and look only up towards the treetop. You see a large nest of the Bald Eagle and a limb large enough to hold you. The Bear motions its head to the limb. You sit on this limb and in front of you is your Teacher - The Bald Eagle. It looks at you as if to see right inside of you. It knows you and welcomes you and 'speaks' with you through its 3rd eye into yours. It says it is time to heal and release the illusion of heavy burdens like old black and grey tattered feathers on your back. It is time to let go of each one you see that is not the positive foresight towards the future for yourself, your relationship, your goals and divine path. As you see the negatives and ready to release; your feathers drop off one by one & are replaced by new stronger and lightweight wings of inspiration, strength, courage and clarity and intention you create of a positive foresight. Rise above all the illusion and see yourself as Sacred now!

As you see; you have newly formed wings and like the Bald Eagle is light weight in flight. It beckons you to follow in flight to try out your new wings and both you and Bald Eagle circle around. The circle is the symbol of unlimited and and infinite light wisdom you have achieved. It is unending in the path towards the Light. You feel positive and capable and empowered. The Eagle tells you to look only in front of you because we are in a high vibration field and your vibration is increased and not look down as you get comfortable in flight. Then it says now you can look down but only to see how far you have come up in your life journey and not to defeat you. It repeats this until you understand clearly the message.

It is time to go as the sun will set soon. Your Teacher - The Bald Eagle says to return as the Guide Bear and the Bear Clan are waiting for you below. You think you must get on the limb and climb down. The Bald Eagle reminds you that you have the wings to fly and you can descend with ease. You thank this Majestic Teacher with so much love and for the lesson. Then you fly down to the Bears. The Guide Bear and the Bear clan sees you as family. They start to run towards the edge of the forest before the sunsets and you fly along side with ease. You reach the edge of the forest and put your hands up in peace and gratitude like the Black Bear did when you first met. You say farewell to the Bear clan and thank them. They ask you to return anytime and next time you will take the Salmon as the symbol of abundance. Be powerful and abundant my Positive Foresight Manifestors.

Make your way with this lightness and power and healing to your Earthly body and share this energy and Light Wisdom with it. Remember, you are Divine and your responsibility to the Earth is to accept, care and be at peace and inspired and empowered to do the energetic vibrations you were made to do with all your Heart and Passion. Thank you. Namaste, Peace to you.

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