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A Farewell Evening at Healium Sat., 12/16/23

I will be there doing the Fire Ceremony. This is a final event at this location and the Author aka Jim Healium/Jim Peera has books found on Amazon under Jim Peera. "The Healium Way" Part 1 and Part 2 for the exercises you can utilize for your life we created at Healium. What a blessing to have this space, you and all the inner creatives who came forth and showed the positive possibilities of the arts. He also had a life shaking experience with me on his way of vulnerability through darkness into self loving light called the "UnF*ck Yourself" which is a journey of self love through phases of a breakup. The book signing event is also the art and music portion with Jim's poetry reading and new poetry book called "MindF?ck" and this is the way to showing all rawness into realness. He has journey through Europe where people appreciated his work and celebrated his journey as a braveheart into a continued journey of love. We are together to celebrate Healium and this final event with you. Hope we see you there.


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