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Archangel Gabriel Revealing 2 of the 14 Mysteries 2/11/2024

Dear Blessed Ones;

A day of refreshing the earth. The storm and rains give over the opportunity to cleanse. Smell the air after or during the rain and see the earth bathed in purity from the sky gods and rain and water goddesses to open the pores of the living earth and breathe in more fresh life. Life is stirring and germinating below our unseen eyes but we know by nature and how the birds and animals react that Spring is on its way. Rebirth is inevitable and always the opportunity to start fresh in resetting our mindset from stagnant but the clue is stillness throughout all seasons. Stillness gifts us the opportunity to go silent. To feel our bodies ground into the earth like the Teacher and Recordkeepers of the Forest…our Trees. They are the watchers of all time and history. An old Tree is the wisdom held in all its layers of bark within. You are a Wisdom Keeper and the stillness is your opportunity to go within and see you are sacred and can create opportunities of positive movement and growth. What you gathered like the squirrels in the Fall carried you through the Winter. During the Winter you were in quiet stillness like Mother Earth. You then decided and pondered how I will be and carry forward in 2024? Then you start to research and ask questions, visit spaces and places for inspiration and wisdom and tally this as your handy go to to start the new year with new focus, resets and movement towards your growth. Like your hair and nails and skin always naturally producing; you are meant to create and produce your path. It is your responsibility to walk your path with releases and shedding the skin like a snake of the old self. Gratitude for the old and welcoming the new. Being gentle with yourself will encourage you forward, Speak softly to yourself and always know that pure light is there to be your companion every step of the way. Take the time to breathe in new breath and breathe out the old each day upon rising and have gratitude to exist in the present to be what you are always meant to be…a vibrant light on this planet existing with other vibrant lights. Being in harmony and enhancing each other’s and appreciating each other’s existence and beingness. How beautiful this is.

Archangel Gabriel told me to go on a journey with him as I received the tarot deck at the Xmas shopping party at my qigong teacher’s house to bring things to share and then things to ‘shop’ with our fellow classmates. I saw this deck and needed to explore and didn’t think much about it but knew it was to learn from and share. During my early years of Shamanism; I have visited his Pyramid of Mysteries many times to go into his chamber of healing to see the geometric ball of the 14 mysteries he tells me. He says that 14 is 1+4 = 5 which is growth. This season of growth is coming and in divine timing to share with you. He will reveal at times when it is divine timing the Mysteries to work with and understand deeply. Be not in a hurry to know all and relish each Mystery unfolding for you. It is my honor and grace to share with you. 

The First Mystery is Love: Love is not a person, a physical thing or space of place. We identify love with concreteness but it is beyond that. Love is embracing all that you are a flawed presentation of one chain that is linked to another. When we work together in fullness and wholeness understanding what love is then we will be a highly vibrational being walking this earth in flesh. Love is standing in your own fragility and strength and they are teachers of what you are.

This is leading to The Second Mystery:

Power of Attraction: Power of Attraction comes from Pure Love of Self of all that you humanely and spiritually are. It is the attraction to all that you are experiencing and being taught what is in alignment with Sacred Self and what is not. These are valuable lessons to refresh, reset and remember who you are. Look at your liaisons and this will give you the quality of self from who you experience in your lifetime. Appreciate the growth and the awakening through this exercise of what is Attracted to you or You Attracted to them. Then see if the feeling or experience is negative and the end result is negative or positive. If it was positive; then it is a sign of growth and moving forward to the renewed understanding of self with gentle loving praise that you are able to let go of the old and embrace the good feeling of this growth. If the feeling and experience was negative; was the end results are you changing your ways or direction or methods of obtaining Sacred Self in Wholeness called a ‘redirection.’ The Redirection is when you see what you don't want to be or attract anymore and become a being of high potential choosing the light path of what you will be and attract to you. You see there are no good or bad in our experiences but only a willingness to be truthful of what you chose, who you attracted or were attracted to and how you can make decisions of wholeness of being in your own Power. This power is not to condemn your old self and any alliances in this temporary earthly play in life…only ways of experiencing towards evolving in the light. This explains the power of attraction to understand self, to transform self and to be able to go forward releasing and renewing by the resetting of your thoughts to expand in the light within and without.

This only comes via being in Stillness and in this we will learn more about the other Mysteries as they are revealed and shared with me. Thank you for reading this and hope this helps you.. Stillness allows us to take a break with our thoughts allowing them to melt away into the earth or float away like the clouds in the sky on a sunny day. Imagine the power of your mind and believe that all that is good and deserving towards your High Vibrations with your Already Present Higher Self is the answer to assist you Beloved.

I am so honored to share this so find moments where you can rest your mind, reset your body and release and let go and reflect ever so gently and lovingly to yourself and give yourself the biggest hug to start again. Forgive, reset, learn and be Sacred as you always have been. Keep expanding in the Light. I give you this gift from Archangel Gabriel and an emerald green light gem from God / Goddesses sharing this information to take in your heart, mind and body and Vibrate so Sparkling Bright. I love you. Wish you well and transformations in positive movement Beloveds. Namaste, Peace to you and Much much loving light hugs.

For more incite on Archangel Gabriel see my Blog on Archangel Gabriel and the Story of Raccoon working in Cooperation and sharing the lessons. Art found on Etsy by ChannelingArt


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