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Are You a Blessed Bundle of High Vibration? 9/8/21

Are You a Blessed Bundle of High Vibration? Let's try an exercise of humility and High Vibration. Try to go without makeup, fake nails, lashes or body enhancements or fancy dress or jewelry. Fill your body by breathing in pure light of humility that will connect to your Divinity. The Creator (Father-Mother God) has made you in flesh. You have incarnated here to expand your soul in flesh. This temple of flesh encases the energy centers of the body called Chakras. Try breathing the pure light into each one by one until they are beaming with their respective colors brightly. Removing sludge and situations or issues that are there just pouring out like ooze of toxic waste and dissolved wherever it may be. Allow yourself to breath in the cleansing Holy Fire of Pure Light. Keep breathing as long as you must. See yourself beaming brightly and whole. Try an experiment for your self growth. Try to act unassuming, not flashy or sexy or any animation you believe needs to enhance who you are. Try to be a quiet observer of self most importantly. Look at yourself and say you are beautiful as you are.

You can take notice of the inner titles you have gotten throughout your journey and have you lived these for other's or to convince yourself you are of value in these titles. Titles don't mean a thing if brought on to cover who you are. You are a High Vibration created in loving comfort and presented to the Earth with the fully capacity of acknowledgment that you are always loved from above and will continue to be whether we make mistakes or not. That what we look or act like is not who we are. We are Divinely Crafted and Designed from the Highest Power that doesn't judge, doesn't grade or doesn't expect us to be anything but ourselves. Doesn't this help you feel more relaxed? If you are still uncomfortable; then maybe another day of no fancy appearances and you will come to know how much you love yourself as you are and not be worried about it.


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