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Being the Now and Presence

When someone labels you, calls you crazy and out of your mind...thank them. It tells you that you have shaken them into seeing what they have not seen, heard or experienced before. That they have been triggered by your presence that there is something beyond physical and norms to see. That in hopes leads them into exploring themselves and working on themselves to heal and how much acceptance they truly have for all things. Unity is strived by the triggers we become to others. If you are made uncomfortable, if you refer to limited negative labels because you do not understand. Thank you for this. It is a great lesson to see there is more to your own possibility you have gotten comfortable sitting in. Lesson is recognizing, sitting in this and asking: "Why am I triggered?" "Why am I being judgmental?" "Why do I quickly find comfort in rejection instead of understanding?" In time; the trigger keeps happening and you face what you need to explore when you are ready. In the meantime, breathe and focus on you and you are a lotus who opens each petal of light wisdom. We all have struggled, we all have fallen and we all can rise as a Peaceful Warrior in self realization and transformation in gentle prayers of these lessons in growth. Find honor in helping Spirit awaken others in gentleness, trust and love. Keep the faith that our journey to Sacred Self and True Self is an opportunity every day. Much love for the drama and play and roles we play and exchange and the lessons learned. Praise God. Thank you.

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