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Breathe through Crisis

Breathe through Crisis August 16, 2018 | Blue Thunder

August 15, 2018 Meditation by Blue Thunder - "Breathe through Crisis" We grounded and as always our Pure Light Helpers here to guard, guide and support with protection both earthly and sacred bodies. We were to practice yogic breathing to bring in peace and clarity and release and see our crises. This is the time of chaos and crisis. It is the time for self care. We are not selfish to take care of ourselves in crisis and seek the healing and help we need. I told the story of the Triple Goddesses - Erynes who are the lessons of fate, retribution and chaos in your crises. The fury is the lesson as the story of these Greek-Roman Goddesses were seeking justice for a family member murder and went after the accused in God/Goddess tribunals there was a deadlock and the Goddess Aphrodite the lesson of Love was asked to be the tie breaker...She, of course, voted the accused not be killed and the Triple Goddesses wanted revenge. Aphrodite promised appreciation for Erynes lessons in crisis and tributes and having loving ceremonies in honor of the Goddesses. We imagined our crisis lesson/s. We breathed in deep breaths, held a few seconds and breathed out a few times then went down a notch but continued this breathing. Then we took it down another notch and breathed much gentler with the same rhythm. We imagined a gold nectar of compassion light to send sweetness in our hearts to create a protective and cocoon of love. We put all people, crystals, ancestors, pets and all the were love to us in this cocoon. We saw the love surround us and took it in, breathed it in and then we were calmer and clearer knowing all crises are temporary. We were able to give oxygen to our brains and bodies to know we could cope better. We also knew that others in crisis with us had to be gently directed to find a healer and professional for their healing during us admitting and dealing with our own crisis because like I wrote "If we are in crisis and another leans on us during their crisis; it is like a domino upright without a foundation of stability and you know it all falls down!" Take this cocoon where ever you go as it is only visible to you and you take it back to your earthly body that grounds and is filled with love sending the Goddesses and anyone in crisis... love. As you give this love to the Goddesses; they transform to beautiful Goddesses supple and strong wearing the swords and headbands, bracelets as warrioresses with flowing hair transformed for your appreciation they have taught and now are the Eumides. What a beautiful tribute. Thank you and Namaste.


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