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Chrysalis (Tree Sister Guided) Journey 5/7/2003

Hello Beloveds;

My Tree Sister calls out to me to journey after working out and stretch and toning. It is about the story of the fabled Atlantis's downfall. She wanted the Angel white feather, the rose quartz, the azurite, the sacred grounding tree branch and for me to take the amethyst crystals instead of the cluster of amethyst my son was using to heal form a cold. She wanted me to sit near her on the blanket my son used while sick. I saw a neighbor next door so I journeyed from a window facing Chrysalis and showed the objects to her she wanted from afar. I prayed for a sacred journey and protection.

I travelled to the Upperworld past the sunny skies to the cosmos and up a golden rose colored sky and saw a pyramid. She instructed me to take the white feather and fly and allow myself to be carried like the wind on the feather. Like the Goddess Nut (earth) or Maat (Justice); I had wings of white and flew still seeing pyramids into Atlantis. I was landed where I accompanied the Crystal Keeper of Water was to consult the Wise One.

The Wise One had henna dyed red hair and felt a darkness or dread feeling from her. I am a servant named "Danu" and she is another woman who fell for me this lifetime. The Crystal Keeper's hair was braided by me and she wore sheer clothing and mentally transported herself to the Wise One and myself transport with her. The Wise One told her that she needed more time to sexually encounter to balance her energies and so the Crystal Keeper would be balanced too and even though sex can be unbalancing; it was necessary this time for her for the Crystal's balance and Danu (Me) would care for it so her duties would not be neglected.

I saw another Wise One who was male with dark braids and wore blue & gold eye makeup and he was dress in black cloak but took off the cloak to reveal the he wore a wrapped golden sheer skirt and said that I would be a good servant and watch over the Crystal (Water) in her absence. Crystal Keeper of Water was tall and large like a giant and she agreed with the Wise Ones and respected them as the community always respected them in Atlantis. Unfortunately, these Wise Ones were misguided and became egotistical and power hungry.

We departed and I prepared her chambers for her lover and he gifts of aromatic oils from teh Wise Ones was given to the Crystal Keeper; I was told to stay behind while the Wise Ones gave me a red crystal. This was some kind of stone that didn't allow the real intent to show to the Crystal Keeper through me and they gave it to me to keep it. Meanwhile,

I left ehe Crystal Keeper's chamber after food, dancing and music with colorful healing lights were there to set the mood for the lover's tryst.

I learned from the Wise Ones urging that I could do rising and flooding and drying up of water on a small scale. Then the Wise Ones met the Fire Crystal Keeper and told the same to her as she wore translucent red, The Air Crystal Keeper wore blue and the Earth Crystal keeper wore green. The Wise Ones asked me to spurt water from the fountains and I did and then asked me to flood small overflowing the the fountains and the have the water recede and dry it up. I struggled and felt I was not in control of the powerful Crystal Water and told them. The Wise Ones said that it was harmless and these were only going to lead to balance int he end. I trusted them. They were merely distracting the Crystal Keepers while they could control and manipulate the Crystal Keeper's Assistants.

After awhile, the dolphins who are wise that I knew of left and said they were going because the time was near. My son was a teen boy with cropped dark near and bronze skin. He had trust the Wise Ones and thought no harm would happen and believed what the Wise Ones had tome me. When my lover, Jay Sun (my then husband) who helped produce my son was leaving near the time on a boat (he was a fisherman) and wanted me to leave with him. I said I couldn't leave because of the loyalty to the Crystal, Crystal Keeper and Atlantis and there would be balance made if I stayed. He left on the boat.

Going back toward the City of Atlantis following my son; I then went up stairways, I saw people floating and large un-human like statues of metal. The statues were part goat people with human heads, a human with bull of calf head in robes and a fish with 2 human legs. We went towards the sacred part of the city where the Crystal Keeper was and people were floating in the air.

There were Guardians that I call Giants dressed in gold warrior armour and had swords and spears. The had found out I tampered and created the imbalance with the rest of the Crystal Keeper's Assistants and drew down a sword in front of me saying that I could not enter the city any longer. My son was not allowed either. Then a crashing sound of waves and storms, lightening and fire came. People and beings were dying from being drowned or swallowed up by the forces of the earth opening up and jutting out. My son led me up higher to high points but there was so much water and fire and air and we all drowned. I learned that my real time healing friend was the Other Wise One and the he has come to correct the wrong he had done and very much into ritual and crystals. I knew but kept denying it. I am glad he has come and not misguided or fooled anymore by need to Control others without thought of Well Being of All and the overall consequences of this harsh lesson.

The Lesson is to not be fooled and ask questions and heed your intuition. Know when something is not right and at this juncture many lives were lost because we didn't think we could question and make our own decisions even if the other influences seemed of higher authority and wisdom. I close this journey with this lesson. Karma will get you to remedy coming back to a similar situation to reach closure for all involved.

Peace and much love. This is one past life but others will be revealed. Most importantly are the lessons to share during my growth story with Spirit. Remain in the Light and Love and Absolute Truth.

Peace and Namaste.


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