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Clearing Dark Energies and Mind Control

This is a subject not intended for amateurs or find this amusing to try. It takes years of listening to Spirit and Divine Guidance and utilizing the tools or protection. Never use your gifts to control others especially those who utilize mind control. These metaphysical arts are known in India and brought to the USA and taught in a way that it is for all. Not all are mature in their mindset to utilize and understand to honor the free will of others not to use others' free will. There is a difference. I am aware to ask the question to determine if these are my thoughts or others? Do I agree to it and take the action? It is important to determine your mind set and how it works and what you usually do and from those who try to control you for their own pleasure or advantage or to see what they can get away with for fun. This is no respect if discussion about the method is not made physically between you and the other/s. It is discernment and awareness of the influences in our lives and action we take will define whether we are a wolf or a sheep in our energy field and our life.

Ego is the the best way for the dark energy to utilize mind control or accessing your fear. Do not fear the unknown but research. Don't place yourself in situations where you can be taken advantage of for someone else's amusement. Respect is the key here and understanding Divine Law of "Thy Will Be Done" meaning that it is the person's own choice to decide what they wish to think and take action on.

I will give you a few examples of some experiences. When I was storytelling and meditation and sound heal at Healium Center; there was a Native Man with shaved head who came in quite later then when this event occurred. I happened to be at the front desk as my volunteer needed a break. He came in late and I felt demonic energy and filled my self and surrounded myself with white light and Archangel Michael was beside me. He seemed fascinated as the demon was showing in his eyes. He wanted to talk to me and luckily I called upon help to assist and more people came in and he paid and went about the space. It was almost the time to do my service and he sat near the exit door of the zen room. I had my rattle that I expel dark energies or clear things with. I rattled as instructed and he didn't sit in front of me and where he was. I was grateful. I was going to start introducing the intention to set and he took a picture of me and I sent white light to the picture that he would keep. He then started to record me without any permission and I sent white light to the recording. I was in the middle of speaking so I was told by Spirit that to rattle more and shake the energy off in the room and others and myself. When I completed the service and storytelling sound heal; I went back to check on vendors, chef and front desk as usual to make sure everyone was doing okay.

My volunteer needed to get some food and have a break; I stood at front desk. I asked Archangel Micheal to stay with me. He is a blue energy and the menacing man came towards me again; he was complimenting me. It made my skin crawl. Archangel Michael asked me to come into my body and be inside and he would look at the man through my eyes with his energy. So I energetically understood and felt Archangel Michael in that space in my eyes and body. He said,"No fear and I will deal with him." The Native man wanted me to look into his eyes just in time; I trusted Archangel Michael and he looked into his eyes. The energy could not access me in my mind or body or spirit and this Guardian of Service Workers filled me and then I was unaffected by this demon. The dark entity asked me: "Do you see it in my eyes?" I said, "Yes and Archangel Michael told me: "I am looking into his eyes with yours." I was grateful and he stood there awhile and I was unaffected by the energy he was trying to harm me with. He then went away and kept avoiding him the rest of the event. He then left and Archangel Michael I was so grateful for and thanked him.

Praise God for this Warrior Guardian Angel of those who serve. At other times, this Angel would Guard me against other dark entities that dwelled in men. There was a man from India who was a performer at another location that was on his own. My husband was fascinated with his skills and wanted him to teach and or play for us. He wanted an all out concert but my husband volunteered me to do sound heal for him. My husband came in the room with him. My husband sat near the exit door. I called upon the Pure Lights. The man knew mind control skills to the point it was a hypnotic feeling. He was trying to access my physical body without permission in portals and I guarded each portal. He stared at me like a hypnotic snake. My husband left us alone perhaps he used control on him. I then called upon God in the form he would understand and protect me. Energetically, two large Cobras faced him and guarded each side of me. Then a very large Cobra which is a Hindu Diety of God - Shiva came into my body and told me: "Don't worry; I will deal with him and let my energy go into your eyes into his." This stopped the man from having any affect as I asked him: "Do you see it? He replied stopping his hypnotic gaze: "No! What do you see?" I said, "Do you not see two large cobras on each side of me facing you? Do you not see a very large Cobra in me facing you?" He began to cry and he kissed my hands if he saw his recognizable form of God. He then was fascinated with me and I got up immediately seeing he was not using mind control on me and he followed me outside the zen room and I cleared the zen room hastily with intention. He then asked me to come to India and we could become fast friends and would have me at his home. Red flag there. I then went later to share with my husband who gave him a tour that what he had done. He couldn't understand what had happened.

I went into detail that the man was trying to enter me energetically improperly and had bad intentions and not have him perform or play. My Beloved agreed and he does attempt to try to reach me different ways but he is blocked. Anyway, some people will use mind control to make you do things but sit and ask: "Is this unusual? Why would I think this? I don't think this way? Is this my idea? Does this feel dark? You have every right to ask these internal questions and guard your body and your mind. Always, clear yourself from any encounter with any energy and ground yourself. Do not hesitate to ask for Pure Light Protection and Help. It is essential and your Divine Right and your responsibility of maintaining your mental and energy body. If it doesn't feel right? Get your protection up before hand anyway and maintain it asking for the assistance from above. Don't get me wrong...not all Indians and Hindus are dark energies nor men. These are just experiences to share. Darkness comes even in the appearance of a sweet child, guide or entity that tries to gain your trust then pounces. Do not be fooled. Vigilance is necessary. I have cleared entities off children or other healers and sometimes, they can energetically shapeshift hypnotic energy is felt and doesn't feel right. Go with your feel, hearing and not be around it if it doesn't feel good. Sometimes it can feel unusually enticing but ask if this feels right? Sometimes it can be seductive. It can test you with your preferences and likes or words you love. Check your Ego and if you've had past life unresolved issues is another thing can be something else to resolve by not allowing the energy to entice and surround and soak into you. Then you must struggle to release it and keep your guardianship.

Believe me the past life issues of ex's can be toxic if you let the other person you know feels past life familiar (see my past life blog) and can enfold you and make you do things you would not normally do. This is a challenge; check yourself and keep telling yourself this is the now not the past. Pray for cords cut or Pure Light protection and resolve or the first sight I highly recommend walk away. Listen to Spirit always and forgive yourself if you've fallen and release the strings or cords to you attached and begin a new way of living. The more you hang out with the past life person who uses mind control; the more harder it is to pull away. Instead of feeling the familiar pull and responding; try to ask why am I doing this? I normally do not respond to such things. Then this may lead to a past life clearing for yourself.

Sometimes, dark entities are lost souls on earth stuck here and may attach to things like property, objects and a place. It is your job to keep your radar up and sense if it feels negative or positive. Sage and bless the place anyway and heed the warning of your gut if it says leave and do it calmly with requests of Guardianship from Archangel Michael. Sometimes the timing is not right to clear and someone else's responsibility. Do not let ego tell you that you are the one to do it when your intuitive voice tells your or your body feels a no and leave. You are not the superhero of the day and do not have to do any service all the time. Listen to Spirit and trust always.

Peace and Pure Light Prayers for All.

Image by Kathryn Bohn at copyright


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